Hockey ac­tion re­turns to Brim

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Hockey re­turns to Brim Re­cre­ation Re­serve this week­end when War­rackn­abeal Hockey Club hosts round eight of Wim­mera Hockey As­so­ci­a­tion.

With An­zac Park, the War­rack club’s usual home ground unavailable, teams will travel a lit­tle fur­ther north to a venue that was last used for this sport in April 2014.


Dim­boola Bur­ras will at­tempt to be the first team this sea­son to de­feat Yanac Tigers in open di­vi­sion com­pe­ti­tion.

If they are to re­main in touch with the top teams, and to ease the pres­sure from Hur­ri­canes and Rangers who are within reach of tak­ing the Bur­ras’ fourth place on the lad­der, they must play their best hockey this week.

Fresh off only their sec­ond win for the sea­son last week­end, Hur­ri­canes could find them­selves in the top four af­ter this round if they can over­come a War­rack Hoops team that will want to show it is just as good at its home-away-fromhome as it is at An­zac Park.

While the Hoops are yet to win a game this year, Nhill Rangers have an ideal op­por­tu­nity to earn their first points for the sea­son when they take on an out-of­form Kaniva.


All three games in the women’s com­pe­ti­tion should be evenly matched con­tests.

The top two teams will clash, and Dim­boola Roos will be con­fi­dent they can in­flict Yanac’s first de­feat for 2018.

The win­ner of a game be­tween War­rack Women and Hor­sham Jets will be in the top four by Satur­day evening.

Form sug­gests that ei­ther team could win, but the re­sult might sim­ply come down to the team that can put its best 11 play­ers on the field.

Nhill Thun­der­birds should re­main in third place with a win over Kaniva Women, who have strug­gled to find form. Al­though they re­main within reach of the top four, the side will need to earn more points soon if it is to make a claim for a place in 2018 fi­nals.

Last week’s re­sults – Open: War­rack Hoops 2 (goals, M. Wil­liamson; best, J. Knoop, P. Slater, T. Krahe) d Dim­boola Bur­ras 0 (J. Wil­liams, T. Dent, K. Bam­ford), Hor­sham Hur­ri­canes 3 (S. Trigg, J. Bannan, P Mack­ereth; T. Roberts, J. Hors­fall, S. Trigg) d Nhill Rangers 0 (B. Miller, D. Re­ichelt, J. Re­ichelt), Yanac Tigers 8 (B. Alexan­der 3, L. Re­ichen­bach 2, J. Cramer 2, S. Alexan­der; B. Alexan­der, S. Alexan­der, T. Alexan­der) d Kaniva Co­bras 0 (L. Mills, A. Wal­lis, S. Mitchell).

Lad­der: Yanac Tigers 26 points, 29 goal dif­fer­ence; War­rack Hoops 22, 10; Kaniva Co­bras 14, 11; Dim­boola Bur­ras 12, 1; Hor­sham Hur­ri­canes 10, 9; Nhill Rangers 0, 20. Women: Dim­boola Roos 8 (E. Klinge 2, V. Smithy­man, K. Smithy­man, J. Hausel­berger, C. Fin­lay, A. King, A. Askin; J. Hausel­berger, R. Al­brecht, K. Smithy­man, A. Askin) d War­rack Women 1 (D. Rigby; K. Krahe, T. Bull, M. Bent­ley, D. Rigby), Hor­sham Jets 2 (L. Schilling 2; C. Mcfarlane, S. Robin­son, R. Marr) drew with Nhill Thun­der­birds 2 (goals not supplied; G. Mcleod, K. Far­quhar­son, T. Cum­min), Yanac Women 1 (S. Alexan­der; E. Alexan­der, M. Farm­ers, S. Alexan­der) d Kaniva Women 0 (S. Mitchell, H. White, L. Shur­d­ing­ton).

Lad­der: Yanac Women 26, 21; Dim­boola Roos 20, 10; Nhill Thun­der­birds 12, -3; War­rack Women 12, -9; Hor­sham Jets 8, -7; Kaniva Women 6, -12. Un­der-16: War­rack Re­vengers 4 (O. Ben­nett 3, B. Wil­liamson; O. Ben­nett, H. Johns, B. Wil­liamson) d Dim­boola Kan­ga­roos 0 (T. Krelle, N. Krelle, K. Bam­ford), Nhill Leop­ards 9 (M. Re­ichelt 4, I. Deck­ert 2, J. Re­ichelt 2, E. Mur­den; M. Re­ichelt, I. Deck­ert, A. Miller) d Hor­sham Bombers 1 (J. Sch­warz; J. Sch­warz, B. Wood­hart, R. Le Roux), Yanac War­riors 5 (M. Farm­ers 3, J. Croot, A. Zanker; M. Farm­ers, J. Croot, C. Has­sell) d Kaniva Raiders 0 (O. Wil­liams, M. Good­win, J. Mitchell).

Lad­der: Yanac War­riors 24, 19; Nhill Leop­ards 22, 29; War­rack Re­vengers 22, 6; Hor­sham Bombers 8, -30; Dim­boola Kan­ga­roos 4, -8; Kaniva Raiders 4, -16.

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