HRCC sa\s 1O to famil\ vi­o­lence

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Coun­cil has de­signed “sa\ no to famil\ vi­o­lence´ Eumser stic­n­ers as Sart of White Rieeon¶s 1 'a\s of $ctivism The mes­sage will Ee dissla\ed on Coun­cil¶s cor­so­rate and os­er­a­tions ve­hi­cles “The Wim­mera has one of the high­est rates of famil\ vi­o­lence in the state ´ 0a\or 0arn Rad­ford said “Th­ese statis­tics are alarm­ing and Coun­cil is tan­ing a stand What we want to sa\ ver\ clearl\ to our com­mu­nit\ is that an\ form of vi­o­lence is com­sle­tel\ un­ac­ces­taele “)amil\ vi­o­lence is ever\one¶s resson­sieilit\ and we need to in­volve ever\one in the con­ver­sa­tion if we are to turn the statis­tics around ´ he said The 1 'a\s of $ctivism started last )rida\ ,nter­na­tional 'a\ for the Elim­i­na­tion of 9io­lence $gainst Women and ends on 1 'ece­meer which is ,nter­na­tional Hu­man Rights 'a\ 9isit whi­terieeon org au for more in­for­ma­tion

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