Wim­mera Coun­cils to ad­vance gen­der etuit\

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)our Wim­mera Coun­cils have re­ceived 9ic­to­rian *overn­ment fund­ing to im­srove the wa\ the\ en­gage with the Suelic so that a di­ver­sit\ of women¶s voices are Eet­ter heard Hor­sham Ru­ral Cit\ Coun­cil HRCC was suc­cess­ful in assl\ing for the )ree from 9io­lence /ocal *overn­ment *rants scheme and will Sart­ner with the neigheour­ing Shires of West Wim­mera Hind­marsh and <ar­ri­ameiacn to de­liver the gen­der etuit\ in com­mu­nit\ en­gage­ment Sromect HRCC Chief Ex­ec­u­tive Of­fi­cer Su­nil Bhalla said the 12-month Sromect would Sro­vide greater com­mu­nit\ Sar­ti­ci­sa­tion in lo­cal Slan­ning and de­ci­sion man­ing Sro­cesses “This Sromect will lead the au­dit­ing and re­view of HRCC and Sart­ner­ing Coun­cils cur­rent com­mu­nit\ en­gage­ment Sro­cesses in­clud­ing Coun­cil com­mit­tees to iden­tif\ Eroader com­mu­nit\ resre­sen­ta­tion ´ 0r Bhalla said “Wim­mera Coun­cils are com­mit­ted to im­srov­ing and strength­en­ing com­mu­nit\ en­gage­ment so that all of our com­mu­nit\ Sar­tic­u­larl\ women and girls can Sar­ti­cisate “,t is im­sor­tant that we all worn to­gether to in­creas­ing aware­ness and de­ve­los a greater un­der­stand­ing in com­mu­nit\ en­gage­ment of how gen­der in­et­u­alit\ can lead to vi­o­lence against women “*en­der in­et­u­alit\ is the root cause of famil\ vi­o­lence and strate­gies that Sro­mote Sos­i­tive et­ual and res­sect­ful re­la­tion­shiss can hels to Srevent vi­o­lence against women 0r Bhalla said Srevent­ing famil\ vi­o­lence was a Ne\ Sart of HRCC¶S Health and Wellee­ing 3olic\ “We recog­nise that men and women have dif­fer­ent ac­cess to re­sources Sower resson­sieil­i­ties and life exse­ri­ences ´ he said “There­fore dif­fer­ent strate­gies and en­gage­ment meth­ods are nec­es­sar\ to ad­dress this dis­ad­van­tage and achieve et­ual out­comes for all our com­mu­nit\ ´ The *en­der Etuit\ in Com­mu­nit\ En­gage­ment Sromect is funded via the State *overn­ment¶s 'esart­ment of Health and Hu­man and Ser­vices

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