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As the end of the sea­son ap­proaches, time is run­ning out for a num­ber of teams to stake their claim for the fi­nals in Wim­mera Hockey As­so­ci­a­tion.

With five rounds re­main­ing be­fore the fi­nals, teams will now meet each op­po­nent once more, and some teams’ chances of play­ing fi­nals hinge on re­sults at Dim­boola on Fri­day and Satur­day.

In Open com­pe­ti­tion, a game on Fri­day is a must-win for Hor­sham Hur­ri­canes and Kaniva Co­bras.

Both sit out­side the top four, with Hor­sham need­ing the points to re­main in the hunt for fourth place and Kaniva keen to hold that place.

Form sug­gests these teams have been play­ing well but are un­able to make an im­pact on the score­board. With so much on the line this should be a crack­ing game.

Nhill Rangers gave un­de­feated Yanac Tigers a scare at the week­end be­fore go­ing down by a goal scored in the last five min­utes of the game.

If they can take that sort of form into their game against War­rack Hoops they can cause an up­set.

The Hoops need to keep win­ning if they are to fend off a chal­lenge for second place on the lad­der from in­form Dim­boola Bur­ras.

The two teams show­ing

the best re­cent form are Yanac Tigers and Dim­boola Bur­ras and they clash un­der lights on Satur­day in what will be a great match on the Bur­ras’ home turf.

The Tigers are un­de­feated but have en­dured a close games and Dim­boola Bur­ras can play top hockey when they as­sem­ble their best com­bi­na­tion.

In the Women’s di­vi­sion, the key game will be on Fri­day evening with fourth-placed Kaniva play­ing fifth­placed Hor­sham.

Al­though a win for the lat­ter team would draw them equal on points with Kaniva, it would take a big win for them to overcome a deficit in goal difference to be able to move up a place. A nar­row win will keep them in the race for an­other week.

Vic­tory for Kaniva will give it breath­ing space in fourth spot be­cause it would move the team eight points, or two wins, ahead of the Jets.

The game that prom­ises to be the best ex­hi­bi­tion of hockey will in­volve the top two teams in what is sure to be a pre­view of a semi fi­nal, if not grand fi­nal.

War­rack will at­tempt to im­prove on its promis­ing form from last week when it takes on Nhill Thun­der­birds, who also need a cou­ple more wins to con­firm a fi­nals place.

The most in­ter­est in un­der-16s will be in games be­tween Nhill Leop­ards and War­rack Re­vengers, and Hor­sham Bombers and Kaniva Raiders.

A game be­tween top and bot­tom will see Yanac War­riors and Dim­boola Kan­ga­roos meet, and al­though lad­der po­si­tions sug­gest this could be one-sided, the Kan­ga­roos on their home ground should not be un­der­es­ti­mated.

Re­sults – Open: Dim­boola Bur­ras 2 (Goals, L. Schultz, N. Krelle; best, C. Bal­dock, D. Danisch, T. Dent) d Hor­sham Hur­ri­canes 1 (W. Gulline; S. Hoffman, J. Kube, C. Dod­son); Yanac Tigers 1 (J. Hard­ing; N. Alexan­der, S. Farm­ers, T. Alexan­der) d Nhill Rangers 0 (Mont Miller, Mur­ray Miller, B. Miller); War­rack Hoops 3 (K. Mills, P. Slater, O. Bennett; C. Bardell, O. Bennett, P. Slater) d Kaniva Co­bras 0 (D. Cole, C. Beat­tie, A. Wal­lis). Lad­der: Yanac Tigers 38 points, 25 goal difference, 933 per­cent; War­rack Hoops 28, 19, 480; Dim­boola Bur­ras 26, 11, 173; Nhill Rangers 12, -14, 36; Kaniva Co­bras 10, -21, 32; Hor­sham Hur­ri­canes 6, -20, 23. Women: Dim­boola Roos 10 (J. Klinge 4, E. Klinge 2, K. Smithy­man 2, C. Fin­ley, A. King; J. Klinge, E. Klinge, B. Mcmaster) d Hor­sham Jets 0 (S. Puls, S. Foot, C. Law­son); Yanac Women 5 (N. Hard­ing 2, C. Beat­tie 2, S. Shur­d­ing­ton; E. Alexan­der, N. Hard­ing, C. Beat­tie) d Nhill Thun­der­birds 0 (B. Cum­ing, C. Kessler, E. Mur­den); Kaniva 2 (O. Wil­liams, J. Braisby; O. Wil­liams, C. Shur­d­ing­ton, T. Braisby) d War­rackn­abeal 0 (K. Krahe, T. Bull, J. Bull). Lad­der: Yanac Women 36, 38; Dim­boola Roos 32, 28; Nhill Thun­der­birds 20, -1; Kaniva Women 18, -4; Hor­sham Jets 14, -12; War­rack Women 0, -49. Un­der-16: Hor­sham Bombers 2 (J. Crock­ford, T. Batch­e­lor; T. Batch­e­lor, L. Sim­mons, S. Foot) d Dim­boola Kan­ga­roos 1 (M. Re­ichelt; T. Krelle, W. Ab­bott, M. Re­ichelt); Yanac War­riors 6 (M. Farm­ers 2, C. Has­sall 2, J. Croot, Caleb Zanker; J. Croot, M. Farm­ers, N. Colbert, C. Has­sall) d Nhill Leop­ards 0 (K. Rowe, L. Mcbride, K. Clark); War­rack Re­vengers 3 (F. Eilola 2, H. Johns; B. Wil­liamson, H. Johns, T. En­gel­brecht, F. Eilola) d Kaniva Raiders 1 (M. Good­win; M. Good­win, S. Dowler, S. Braisby, N. White). Lad­der: Yanac War­riors 40, 84; Kaniva Raiders 24, 5; War­rack Re­vengers 24, -9; Nhill Leop­ards 16, -5; Hor­sham Bombers 16, -29; Dim­boola Kan­ga­roos 0, -46.

LEGS AND STICKS: Dim­boola Bur­ras’ Talor Dent tries to stop Hor­sham Hur­ri­cane Si­mon Trigg from pass­ing the ball. Picture: SI­MON KING

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