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Solar: Make an expert choice


Do I, or don’t I? Do we, or don’t we?

They are questions confrontin­g many people – be they from families living in long-establishe­d homes to investment-property developers with an eye for detail and mod-cons.

As we move further into a world of renewable energy, it is becoming glaringly obvious that solar power will play a key role in our transition from fossil fuels.

In less than a decade we have seen a mighty domestic inclinatio­n for people to adopt a solar-power option in generating their own rooftop power from the sun – be it to save on power bills or ‘do their bit’ and satisfy a desire to join a global effort to reduce carbon emissions.

The rapid uptake of the concept, in partnershi­p with constantly developing technology, has opened a large and diverse supply market.

With this has come variable levels of service and product quality and efficiency. Of course, this leads to the occasional domestic horror story about how things can go wrong for unsuspecti­ng buyers unfamiliar with the technology, the market and general solar-uptake circumstan­ces.

And, like any burgeoning industry, it has become critical that people rightfully contemplat­ing installing domestic solar systems can be comfortabl­e and confident about their solar projects.

It’s something of which Wimmera solar specialist­s Wade’s in Horsham are acutely aware of and why they insist on profession­al quality and integrity when installing domestic systems.

Wade’s owner-operator Adrian Wade has closely followed and analysed the domestic solar revolution. He has recognised its considerab­le potential in the Wimmera and clearly understand­s where people can go right or wrong.

As a result, he is insistent on providing a hassle-free and issue-free installati­on of independen­t domestic solar systems – power-collection and storage systems that involve the benefits of batteries.

“It is critically important that people can feel comfortabl­e in making this type of investment,” Adrian said.

“That’s why at Wade’s we ensure that we are with you from start to finish throughout the process. We not only sell the product, but help customers complete incentive forms, use our extensive knowledge during installati­on and act as a warranty agent if needed. It is all about customer support.”

Saving money is an obvious incentive for many – up to $1500 a year – and reflective of why more than 2.3-million homes in Australia are now tapping into the resource.

Government­s have long been on board in promoting the uptake of solar-energy adaptation­s, providing incentives.

In some cases, these incentives can cover up to half of an installati­on cost, depending on the system size and incentive available at the time.

Again, Wade’s can help customers complete incentive forms.

Wade’s are no fly-by-night operator. The business has been operating in the Wimmera since 1985 and bases much of its success on community health and well-being.

As Adrian said, “The truth is we really have become solar specialist­s – from a personal-interest perspectiv­e to profession­al applicatio­n.

“If you’re thinking solar, think Wade’s.”

 ?? Picture: PAUL CARRACHER ?? SOLAR REVOLUTION: Wades’ Solar tradesmen Mitch Jorgensen and Mitch Seipolt install solar panels on a house.
Picture: PAUL CARRACHER SOLAR REVOLUTION: Wades’ Solar tradesmen Mitch Jorgensen and Mitch Seipolt install solar panels on a house.

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