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Let it snow in the Grampians


A cold and wet Wimmera winter might have few enthusiast­s but the occurrence of snow in the Grampians has generated plenty of visitor interest.

Grampians Tourism chief executive Marc Sleeman said winter in the Grampians reflected a delightful contradict­ion in perception.

“Many people cringe with the onset of bitterly cold weather, but in the Grampians it presents an amazing opportunit­y to see nature at its best,” he said.

“There are a couple of sites above 700 metres where we’ve seen a blanket of snow dramatical­ly change the environmen­t and visitor experience. Boroka Lookout and Mt William are two key locations that often have snow and I know of many people who keep an eye out for opportunit­ies to experience a Grampians ‘winter wonderland’.

“Some people might believe that the cold of winter provides few opportunit­ies to discover the magnificen­ce of the Grampians and its surrounds. But the reality is that the landscape is often at its best at this time of year.

“With everything dripping green and with occasional snow, it presents a stunning and often unexpected experience for many. In some cases it can present children of the region with their first chance to see and touch snow.

“With a fair amount of winter to go there might some more chances to experience snow in the region.”

Mr Sleeman was quick to remind visitors keen to make the most of winter conditions in the Grampians to be vigilant in following COVID-19 guidelines and be aware of winter hazards.

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