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Ouyen pigeon racing complete


Horsham Racing Pigeon Club had the last of its three pigeon races from Ouyen on Saturday, with birds flying in mild westerly to southweste­rly conditions.

Despite the positive conditions, leading pigeons into Horsham were more than 40 minutes slower than the two earlier Ouyen races.

It was Horsham’s turn to prevail over the two Murtoa lofts that enjoyed success the previous week.

The club released 262 pigeons in section one of the race and 415 in section two, after authoritie­s granted pigeon racing into Horsham to continue.

However, with COVID-19 out-breaks continuing in NSW, club members are now considerin­g altering a race program closures.

Races can be from Mildura, with a race from the Sunraysia centre this weekend, but that will be all on a club north line for 2021.

The club is more certain to have racing on a southeast line into Gippsland, starting later this year. Results – Ouyen three: Section three for small race teams, Mcphee family, whose winning pigeon flew the 181-kiometre flight in 2.53.07 hours, averaging 1045.99 metres a minute 1, P. and J. Mcphee, 1044.76mm 2, Karen Munday, 1040.76mm 3. Section two for large race teams: John Muszkieta 1054.04mm 1, Brian Watts 1044.98mm 2, Rob Nelson 1041.05mm 3. in light of border

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