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Councillor Column Mayor Robyn Gulline


In 2041, Horsham region is a vibrant, liveable hub that thrives on strong economic growth and social connectedn­ess. Empowering people to live, work and access opportunit­ies for recreation and culture, now and into the future. This is achieved through 4 themes of Sustainabi­lity, Liveabilit­y, Accessibil­ity and Community. This 20-year community vision was developed by the deliberati­ve panel after considerin­g the 936 community responses to the Horsham Talks engagement. Council will use this vision and themes to shape the Council Plan and future decision making. Thank you to all community members who provided feedback. Wellbeing is de¿ned as “the state of being comfortabl­e, happy and healthy” in the Oxford Dictionary. The COVID pandemic has challenged our wellbeing, health and sense of purpose. It is important to remember that everyone has been impacted diႇerently over the past 18 months. We have all made sacri¿ces and missed important life events that can’t be replicated.

Social isolation is causing untold harm to individual­s and as a society, we will be dealing with the fallout of this pandemic for decades. People of all ages have stopped participat­ing in their normal activities of school, sport, arts, craft and culture, volunteeri­ng and social interactio­ns. Research shows that working together for a common purpose is the best antidote for anger, depression and social isolation. Hopefully we can return to some semblance of “normalcy” in the not too distant future. Please be kind to yourself. It is ok to feel sad, angry and despondent at times. However, it is time to seek medical help when these feelings persist. Look out for your family, friends and neighbours. Many people are putting on a brave face. Check in and make sure that they know that they are not alone. A smile and a little of your time can make a huge diႇerence to both giver and receiver. Expressing kindness and considerin­g the feelings of others in social media interactio­ns will positively contribute to the wellbeing of our community.

Take care, be kind and look out for others.

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