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Pigeons race from Mildura, Hamilton


Horsham Racing Pigeon Club completed races from Hamilton, 110 kilometres, and Mildura, 273 kilometres, last week.

Members sent 344 pigeons to Hamilton in the first race for the 2021 season on a south-southeast line. Those pigeons entered in the Hamilton race were met with ‘tougher’ conditions than the 541 entries from the Mildura race a day later, as indicated by the significan­t contrast in speeds birds reached.

The winner from the shorter race averaged 52kmh, or 864 metres a minute, whereas the leading pigeon from Mildura averaged 101kmh, which amounted to 1679 metres a minute.

The huge difference in winning velocities for the two races can only be put down to a favourable northerly wind prevailing from Mildura, whereas the Hamilton release was into a slight head wind. There were two sections for each of the two races and three different members shared the glory. The Mcphee family scored a double in its section.

Results – Hamilton: Section one for small race teams: Mcphee family 864.08 metres a minute 1, Bruce Rentsch 2, John Arnott 3. Section two for large race teams: John Muszkieta 863.24mm 1, John Aisbett 2, Brian Watts 3. Mildura: Section one, Mcphee family 1670.27mm 1, P. and L. Mcphee 2, John Arnott 3. Section two: Leigh Arnott 1679.79mm 1, Terry Brauer 2, Brian Watts 3.

The next race is scheduled to be on a west line from Serviceton.

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