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Blanket project gives support


Yarricares blankets have found homes across Yarriambia­ck Shire.

Blankets made up of crocheted squares donated from people across Victoria and South Australia and sewn together by workers from Woodbine at Warracknab­eal have gone to recipients at Warracknab­eal, Beulah, Hopetoun, Minyip, Murtoa and Rupanyup.

A Yarricares blanket squares project started in August last year as a way for people to keep themselves occupied while they were at home due to COVID-19 restrictio­ns.

It also provided communitie­s with an opportunit­y to give to people in need.

Rural Northwest Health, West Wimmera Health Service, Yarriambia­ck Shire Council, Yarriambia­ck schools, Woodbine, Gateway BEET, Warracknab­eal Neighbourh­ood House and many community groups joined forces to promote the project.

A media call-out led to people providing squares from a broad range of individual­s across the state and South Australia.

Rural Northwest Health promotion co-ordinator Tianne Clarke said the project received squares from places including Deer Park, Kangaroo Flat and Seaford Rise as well as the Yarriambia­ck community.

“Woodbine graciously offered to sew the squares together to make a range of different-sized blankets to distribute to people in need,” she said.

Rural Northwest Health co-ordinator Joe Guta added: “A special thanks to Alex Verber, Leanne Yew, Katie Ramsdale, Karen Fuller, Sandra Telfer, Tammy Mcdonald, Grant Doxley and Debbie Broughton for working alongside the RNH health promotion team to help connect these blankets to community members who would benefit from some extra warmth this winter.”

 ??  ?? WINTER THANKS: Peter Wentworth shows his appreciati­on on receiving a Yarricares blanket.
WINTER THANKS: Peter Wentworth shows his appreciati­on on receiving a Yarricares blanket.

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