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Genesis shows off electric GV60

- – Callum Hunter

Genesis is gearing up to launch its first E-gmp-based electric vehicle, the GV60, and has released the first official images of what will be its second EV to date.

Due to arrive Down Under in the first half of next year, Genesis says the GV60 will be its most athletic model to date.

It says the lower the number, the sportier the car – suggesting it will share most of its headline figures with the Ioniq 5 – another Hyundai subbrand – and Kia’s related EV6.

The GV60 looks to share similar dimensions and proportion­s to the looming EV duo, with which the new Genesis will share the same Electric Global Modular Platform, E-GMP, underpinni­ngs.

While no specifics have been outlined just yet, the most potent Kia EV6 GT is powered by a 77.4kwh battery pack and dual-electric motor drivetrain good for 430kw-720nm, resulting in a claimed 0-100kmh time of 3.5 seconds.

From a design perspectiv­e, the GV60 looks unlike anything else within the current Genesis portfolio, though a few of its signature styling elements are present, among which are the ‘crest’ grille and quad headlights.

Specifical­ly, designers say the grille has been lowered and widened compared with other models in an effort

to emphasise the extra athleticis­m on offer as well as maximise the cooling efficiency of the battery packs stashed under the floor.

Look carefully and it is difficult to find a sharp edge or crease within

the GV60’S body features, even the doorhandle­s being integrated into the flanks – they pop out electronic­ally when the driver approaches the car.

The mirrors are also minimalist and incredibly slim; a result of the new

camera-based system that feeds live images onto a display fixed to the top of the door trims.

Viewed from the side, the connection between the GV60 and the EV6 is at its most obvious on the account of the up-sweeping window lines and gradually sloping roofline, although the hind quarters of the Genesis are more curved than the Kia’s – like a more steeply angled Porsche Macan.

The other giveaway is within the cabin, which features the same dualscreen digital cockpit and infotainme­nt set-up as Kia’s electric newcomer, something that looks to be becoming the norm for the Hyundai Motor Group brands given it also features in the new-generation Kia Sportage.

Besides the big screens, Genesis says the interior follows its usual ‘beauty of white space’ design philosophy, albeit with a few Ev-specific touches like the luminescen­t ‘Crystal Sphere’ rotary shift by wire gear selector.

While Australian pricing and specificat­ion details will be released closer to the model’s launch, the images released show the GV60’S interior to be swimming with leather – seats, dash, centre console, steering wheel and door trims – while both the dash and ‘floating’ centre console are separated by an open storage area mounted on the vehicle’s floor.

Genesis has sold 342 vehicles so far this year ending July, 257 more than it managed over the same period last year.

 ??  ?? FIRST LOOK: Said to be the sportiest Genesis yet, the electric GV60 will arrive in Australia next year.
FIRST LOOK: Said to be the sportiest Genesis yet, the electric GV60 will arrive in Australia next year.

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