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Climbing the walls


Horsham climbing enthusiast­s have built bouldering walls in their garages to maintain strength and fitness during COVID-19 lockdowns. Brendan Williams is pictured taking a break from teaching from home yesterday. In a garage a few doors down, The Climbing Company instructor Rob Mudie has also been making the most of his wall to keep up his skills. Mr Mudie said life had been ‘super quiet’ since the State Government first introduced lockdown protocols last year. “We do a lot of work with schools from Melbourne,” he said. “We’ve had to suffer tonnes of cancellati­ons because of it, which is really unfortunat­e.” Mr Mudie said his bouldering set-up was centred around a Mini Moonboard, which featured a unique hold set-up. “On all the boards, the holds are all the same and face the same way,” he said. “You can get an app to light up the holds that other people have used to create routes.” Mr Mudie said the wall was perfect for rock-climbing training. “Now that we’re all locked down at home, it gives us something to do,” he said. “I’m not supposed to head to Arapiles so I’ve got to keep sane and keep strong somehow.” For more pictures, visit www.theweeklya­

 ?? Picture: PAUL CARRACHER ??

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