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+orsham 5ural City Council endorsed the 'raft Council Plan 2021-202 at its August 0eeting on 0onday night and it is now on public e[hibition for community feedback along with the ten year )inancial Plan and Asset Plan. 7he 'raft Council Plan sets the municipali­ty’s priorities for the ne[t four years and aligns with the themes of the Community 9ision 20 0 6ustainabi­lity, /iveability, Accessibil­ity, Community plus an additional theme of /eadership. 7he recently adopted Community 9ision 20 0 has been used to inform the Council Plan for 2021-202 , along with the accompanyi­ng )inancial Plan and Asset Plan. 7he 'raft Council Plan has been developed in accordance with the 6trategic Planning Principles of the /ocal *overnment Act 2020, and details strategies, initiative­s and priorities for delivery over the ne[t years.

Council’s 0unicipal Public +ealth and Wellbeing Plan has been incorporat­ed into the 'raft Council Plan 2021-202 and reflects the important role Council has in supporting the health and wellbeing of all people living in the municipali­ty. 7he Asset Plan and the 'raft )inancial Plan 2021/22 to 2030/31 document the financial resources needed for council to support the goals of the Community 9ision and Council Plan. 0ayor 5obyn *ulline encouraged all residents to share their views on the 'raft Council Plan 2021-202 and the Asset Plan and )inancial Plan. ³'uring the Council election last year, we heard from residents that they wanted strong engagement and a clear understand­ing of Council’s direction and commitment­s. 7his plan delivers this with the inclusion of some great ideas and valuable feedback on important priorities for the ne[t four years that we heard through the +orsham 7alks community engagement­s,´ Cr *ulline said. ³7he 'raft Council Plan 2021-202 has been developed to align with the themes of the Community 9ision 20 0 and has been informed by community engagement as well as the combined e[perience and fresh ideas of the Councillor team. ³As a Council, we are proud to endorse the 'raft Council Plan 2021-202 and we look forward to hearing from our communitie­s. 7he Council Plan is developed Must once every four years and we encourage all residents to read the draft plan and share your feedback in a submission to Council.´ 9isit

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