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+orsham 5ural City Council is mapping out a plan for additional recycling services for urban and rural households across the municipali­ty ± saving thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill each year.

8nder the 6tate *overnment’s Circular (conomy Policy, released in )ebruary 2020, all 9ictorian councils must introduce )ood and *arden 2rganics

)2*2 collection for all urban households by 2030, and separate glass recycling collection by 202 .

At its 23 August 2021 meeting, Council adopted a draft service model that describes the possible transition to a new, four-bin collection ahead of that deadline ± with further details to be considered at a future Council meeting.

In order to move to the new system Council will consider • A new fortnightl­y )ood 2rganics and *arden 2rganics )2*2 collection • A new monthly glass recycling collection. • ([pansion of recycling collection in rural areas. • New glass recycling drop-off locations across the municipali­ty.

Community feedback will be sought before any changes are made so that key areas of concern with the proposed service model can be identified and accommodat­ed in the service to be implemente­d.

It’s estimated that up to 0 per cent of the municipali­ty’s household rubbish is food waste, which currently goes straight to landfill.

When buried in landfill, food waste decomposes without o[ygen, creating methane gas ± which contribute­s to global warming.

6eparating glass from other recycling will make recycling more efficient, and allow more glass to be recovered for recycling. 8nder the current system about 30 per cent of glass cannot be recovered and broken glass fragments cause problems for other recycled materials.

0ayor 5obyn *ulline said Council would consider the timing, structure and cost of a new household waste and collection service at a future Council meeting.

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