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Production cancelled


St Brigid’s College production leaders have cancelled this year’s show, Midsummer Jersey, following the latest COVID-19 lockdown.

The production was originally scheduled for August 5 to 7 and re-scheduled for September 16 to 18, but current restrictio­ns have again thrown a spanner in the works.

Teacher and director Vicki Thomas said the decision to cancel the show altogether was made with a ‘very heavy heart’.

“We have worked closely with the team at Horsham Town Hall to look for feasible alternativ­e arrangemen­ts should restrictio­ns ease, however the numerous implicatio­ns these suggestion­s had on various students and staff involved in the production deemed them impractica­l,” she said.

“We also investigat­ed the potential live-streaming of the performanc­e, however the licensing offered for this did not suit our requiremen­ts.

“The decision to cancel the show has certainly not come easily and we share in the disappoint­ment felt by the cast, crew, production team and wider school community.

“While it is incredibly disappoint­ing that the show can’t go on, I want to wipe away the tears and focus on the wonderful experience of our rehearsal process.”

Mrs Thomas said the cast, crew and production team had achieved so much this year, despite a pandemic.

“Personally, I have watched in awe as students developed confidence, creativity and friendship­s that spanned many year levels,” she said.

“The extraordin­ary costume work of Susie Mibus and Catherine Hobbs has been a privilege to witness, and I promise this work will not go unseen.

“The involvemen­t of so many individual­s within our school community, including parents, family members and friends, meant that we developed a show that we were all incredibly proud of and excited to perform.”

Mrs Thomas said everyone involved in the production would celebrate the success of their work in term four.

“We will remember the fun and frivolity we shared throughout the rehearsal process,” she said.

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