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‘Happy Hampers’ lifting spirits


Centre for Participat­ion has joined forces with Business Horsham to brighten the day of Social Support Program clients, who are often isolated and separated from family and friends.

Program leaders have created ‘Happy Hampers’, gift packs that include a Shop Horsham gift card, coffee voucher from Nourish’d-bad Boy Burger Co and a threecours­e meal from Centre for Participat­ion’s Laneway – Café without Borders.

Social support program co-ordinator Kylie Zanker said COVID-19 restrictio­ns had greatly limited the social connection and interactio­n clients would have had in ‘normal’ times.

“The Happy Hampers have been a wonderful way of saying ‘Hi, how are you going?’ or ‘We’re thinking of you’, and offering the gift of a meal, a slice and vouchers to lift people’s spirits,” she said.

“Food brings people together and if we can’t be together we can share the warm feelings that are connected with food – support, care, kindness and community. This is our way of spreading the sparkle over COVID times.”

Ms Zanker said even when restrictio­ns eased, many could find circumstan­ces remained challengin­g.

She said Centre for Participat­ion clients had commented they had lost their confidence to connect and engage in conversati­on.

Business Horsham ambassador Stacey Taig said the Shop Horsham gift cards, along with a free coffee from a Business Horsham member, were ‘an amazing incentive to engage and reconnect with friends and family’.

“This was something we wanted to be involved in from the beginning,” she said.

“Giving back to our community as a whole is something Business Horsham is committed to, and this initiative not only helps those who need a little bit of a helping hand, it also provides the opportunit­y for those individual­s to support their local businesses through the use of the Shop Horsham gift card program.”

Laneway café manager Jessica Koenig Fischer said the Happy Hampers were a great way of supporting elderly members of the community through a gift and a – socially distanced – visit from a friendly volunteer.

“Losing confidence to head to the shops when restrictio­ns have previously eased is definitely going to be an ongoing issue for months to come,” she said.

“My hope is the Shop Horsham gift cards and the tempting offer of a free coffee from Nourish’d-bad Boy Burger Co will encourage these community members to venture out when the time is right.

“All of that together with a three-course meal from Laneway is a pretty amazing gift.”

People can call Laneway café on 5382 2320 or visit 41 Roberts Avenue, Horsham, for more informatio­n about the Happy Hampers.

People can buy Shop Horsham gift cards online at www.businessho­ or in store at Horsham Newsagency.

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