The Weekly Advertiser Horsham

My fellow seniors

- Kola A Kennedy, Horsham

Sir, – I am smiling as I put pen to paper to write this ‘letter’ as I feel a quiet confidence that it will be read – because that’s what us seniors do, and have done, most of our lives.

We read, probably with a cuppa or coffee at hand, and inwardly digest.

Last week was Seniors Week. Six to seven days when we ‘silver foxes’ are given a small window of recognitio­n and an opportunit­y to ‘strut our stuff’, reminisce and share with our succeeding generation­s our wealth of knowledge, value, expertise and memories.

Unfortunat­ely, like many other events over the past periods, Seniors Week celebratio­ns became another victim of the COVID crisis and were cancelled.

Now we have to hang in for another 12 months for our official acknowledg­ment.

In the meantime folks, may I suggest that we all dig deep into our past endeavours and achievemen­ts, sometimes shaped at the ‘school of hard knocks’ and stand tall in the knowledge that we have something special in our hearts and minds – the fact that we have lived through perhaps the most interestin­g period in world history. From steam to space travel, outside toilets to bidets, billy carts to E-bikes, pen to paper to electronic technology, which some have embraced with amazing alacrity and skill.

In fact, we have probably forgotten more than the average 30-year-old knows. We have ‘given back’ to society and most likely in some form are still volunteeri­ng our precious commodity – time!

Would it be asking too much if society were to look upon a senior as a well-worn book, which has become so because it is full of wonderful content?

Remember, treasures are not necessaril­y held inside a vault or museum.

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