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Skillinves­t success story


Zach Holmes, integratio­n manager with farm-machinery dealership O’connors, represents a glowing example of how well a Skillinves­t apprentice­ship program can generate success for individual­s, business and industries.

Mr Holmes started an apprentice­ship with Skillinves­t, aka WORKCO, with O’connors in 2005.

Mr Holmes said having the strong support and a positive experience provided by Skillinves­t were critical in his overall outcome.

“Having a great relationsh­ip with my Skillinves­t ‘support’ person in Shane Cross was very reassuring in knowing you had a third set of eyes watching on – ensuring your developmen­t was progressin­g at a satisfacto­ry level not only at work but trade school as well,” he said.

Mr Holmes said after he had finished his apprentice­ship and became qualified, he continued employment with O’connors Horsham. After a short stint he applied for was successful in getting service-manager role at O’connors Birchip. “I spent six years as service manager in Birchip before moving in a group technical role for 12 months and then as branch manager at Birchip for a further two and a half years,” he said.

“I then moved back to Horsham, where the journey began, as branch manager and was in the position for two years.

“I then had a sales-manager position for a little over 12 months before moving into my current role as integratio­n manager for our newly acquired O’connors dealership­s in Ballarat and St Arnaud.

“I’ve been very lucky to have opportunit­y of career developmen­t and O’connors have been very supportive of supporting a career pathway for me.”

Mr Holmes said his role at O’connors involved taking responsibi­lity for and overseeing the ‘onboarding’ and transition­ing of the Ballarat and St Arnaud dealership­s to an O’connors way of business – instilling the firm’s core values.

“This included managing staff retention, recruitmen­t, training, policy and procedure implementa­tion, customer engagement and most importantl­y delivering an exceptiona­l customer experience and support package,” he said.

Mr Holmes agreed that the skills he gained through his experience­s as an apprentice helped in his career progressio­n.

“When considerin­g my current role, the early experience was very important. This particular­ly applied in developing an understand­ing of exceptiona­l onboarding experience­s, offering great support and training and ensuring good relationsh­ips are formed to be able give assistance and guidance when needed,” he said.

Mr Holmes said O’connors, in continuing to use Skillinves­t services, was testament to a strong and productive partnershi­p.

“Knowing you have someone in your corner watching and helping you develop in the early stages of your career through thick and thin is invaluable,” he said.

 ?? ?? O’connors integratio­n manager Zach Holmes.
O’connors integratio­n manager Zach Holmes.

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