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New pulses outlined at Nhill field day

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immera graingrowe­rs have gained insight into new lentil and field-pea varieties at a Southern Pulse Agronomy Field Day at Nhill.

Senior research scientist Dr Jason Brand said the day provided growers with access to the latest, ‘locally validated’ research that would help them maximise every dollar earned through their pulse crops.

“The field day showcased in-thefield, practical research that will directly benefit local growers,” he said.

“Victorian growers produce highqualit­y pulses that are sought after by key markets in India and South East Asia”

As part of the Southern Pulse Agronomy Project, which includes trial sites across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia, the field day brought together informatio­n for growers to help them tackle problems they faced with pulse crops. New lentil and field-pea varieties offering growers higher yields and a better ability to manage weeds, disease and soil types were among features as part of the research presentati­ons.

Among the pea varieties on display were two recently released options for the 2022 growing season: PBA Noosa and PBA Taylor.

PBA Taylor will be the best variety to grow in environmen­ts prone to virus diseases because it has resistance to two viruses – pea seed-borne mosaic virus and bean leafroll virus.

PBA Noosa is a high-yielding, blue pea variety ideal for the domesticsp­litting market, boasting a 25 percent long-term yield advantage over Excell.

The field day also featured recent releases from National Lentil Breeding Program, NLBP.

Research scientist Dr Arun Shunmugam said the field day updated growers on yield potentials and market classes of recent lentil releases under the program.

The NLBP focuses on providing high-yielding lines with appropriat­e tolerances to biotic and abiotic constraint­s in a diverse range of agroecolog­ical regions.

Frontier Farming Systems hosted the field day on behalf of Agricultur­e Victoria and Grains Research and Developmen­t Corporatio­n.

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