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Reduce emissions and save


Most people would jump at an opportunit­y to reduce utility costs.

The cost of living continues to rise. Any chance to cut-down expenses can lead to significan­t savings and frees-up funds for other endeavours within a home or family unit. It pays to make smart choices.

And there’s an increasing­ly greater focus on homes and people becoming environmen­tally savvy.

Reducing emissions and becoming more self-sufficient through infrastruc­ture such as solar panels is more frontof-mind than ever before.

We frequently hear discussion about lowering emissions in politics.

Everyone can take responsibi­lity – at their homes and businesses – and take action to reduce emissions by taking some simple steps, and a little time and investment.

Naturally, smart choices and cost savings can sometimes require an outlay of cash – for the long-term benefit of future you.

Wade’s is on the front-foot and has added another product to its offering: Home batteries.

Home batteries are used to store energy generated by solar panels on your home. They can help to make your home more self-sufficient and less reliant on the grid. There are a long list of benefits. A home battery can reduce power bills by saving excess power generated by solar panels, to be used overnight of when there is not enough sunshine.

A home battery can provide back-up power in the case of a grid outage. They can be added to existing solar systems, which increases electricit­y self-sufficienc­y, and they can also reduce greenhouse emissions.

The team at Wade’s will undertake a detailed bill analysis to determine size and suitabilit­y for your property.

They will undertake a site visit to assess existing infrastruc­ture and the best location for your home battery.

The Victorian Government is offering a rebate of up to $2950 to households that meet eligibilit­y criteria. The team will investigat­e your eligibilit­y for these rebates. Contact Wade’s and let them take the stress of out knowing what options to choose. They can present a free no-obligation proposal to suit your home and budget.

 ?? ?? Adrian Wade and Stuart Jose with a solar battery.
Adrian Wade and Stuart Jose with a solar battery.

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