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Premier event back


E“With a smaller pool of volunteers, we decided that our return will be a single day, meaning we can provide the best event and prizes without burning ourselves out” – Kalla Colgate

denhope’s premier fishing competitio­n returns to Lake Wallace on Saturday with anglers from across Victoria and interstate ready for the much-anticipate­d event.

Edenhope Fishing Competitio­n president Kalla Colgate said the event would return after a threeyear break with an increased prize pool and a few rule revisions.

“We are excited by the lake condition, full of reddies and stocked with some fresh trout, to provide great fishing conditions,” she said.

The largest prize this year is a boat and trailer package, worth almost $10,000.

All open competitio­n entries will receive a raffle ticket into the boat prize competitio­n, but participan­ts must be at the presentati­ons on Saturday from 5pm to be eligible to win.

“You may have already seen the boat parked near West Wimmera Rural Services – one of our event platinum sponsors,” Mrs Colgate said.

“The yellow wrap is pretty distinctiv­e.”

There are tickets available for purchase for two further raffles, one a barbecue and the other a yabby and cooker package.

Unlike previous years, the competitio­n is a single-day event, with fishing open from 7am to 4pm.

“With a smaller pool of volunteers, we decided that our return will be a single day, meaning we can provide the best event and prizes without burning ourselves out,” Mrs Colgate said.

“Participan­ts will be amazed at the prizes we have been able to secure.”

The first prize in the open category will be awarded for the biggest redfin. The winner will receive a cheque for $5000.

The second prize in the open category will be for the biggest trout, with an Engel fridge worth more than $1300.

Third to 15th open prizes will be a combined redfin and trout weighing, with competitor­s choosing their prize on stage.

Prizes include fishing equipment to lights, batteries and camp chairs.

In the junior division, five to 15 years, $500 cash will be on offer, with second prize a kayak, while prizes for third to 10th winners will be on stage to choose from.

“Juniors aged from 13 years can choose to enter the open section, but they will only be eligible for adult prizes,” Mrs Colgate said.

A new competitio­n with a $500 prize for a mystery weight fish or a fish up to but not exceeding the mystery weight will also be included in this year’s event.

Mrs Colgate said she hoped it would encourage people to keep presenting good-sized fish throughout the day, even if a large fish has already been caught.

Fish must be 32cm or greater to be valid for entry, with one fish per competitor allowed and fish can be replaced if a larger one is caught.

Fishing will be allowed from boats and the bank, with the swimming zone and jetty excluded areas.

This year camping will be available around the lake on Friday and Saturday nights.

Registrati­ons will open tomorrow and Friday from 10am to 8pm at Lake Wallace Hotel, with merchandis­e including t-shirts and stubby holders available until sold out.

The registrati­on desk will move to Henley Park from 6am to 3pm on Saturday.

There will also be spot prizes for competitor­s throughout the weekend.

Presentati­ons will be at the Henley Park Soundshell from 5pm.

Mrs Colgate said the committee wanted to thank all its sponsors and volunteers.

She said officials would conduct spot checks throughout the weekend, to ensure people were fishing in the spirit of the competitio­n, with all fishing to comply with Victorian fishing rules and regulation­s.

The lake is closed to swimming and skiing during the competitio­n in fishing zones.

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