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From The Weekly Advertiser Taylor Morley of Horsham enjoys a piece of cake with Kmart manager Jamie Harwood and Horsham mayor Bernie Dunn as the three introduce Kmart’s Wishing Tree for Christmas, 2003. Horsham Plaza shoppers can buy a present for a particular age and gender and leave it under the tree. All presents are dispensed by the Salvation Army to Horsham district families.

10 years ago: November 13, 2013

Award-winning national contractor Kane Constructi­ons will have the job of transformi­ng Horsham Town Hall and regional art gallery into a new $17.5-million performing arts centre. The Australian-owned company won the tender amid spirited debate at a Horsham Rural City Council special meeting.

Five years ago: November 7, 2018

An idea to develop a major convention, reception and community centre on the banks of the Wimmera River in Horsham has attracted the interest of independen­t investors. Member for Lowan Emma Kealy confirmed two prominent Horsham people had approached her on separate occasions, seeking informatio­n about a project to ‘open up’ a river precinct.

One year ago: November 9, 2022

For the first time in more than a decade, Jeparit is a lakeside town again. Heavy spring flows along the Wimmera River are making their way to the river system’s penultimat­e catchment, Lake Hindmarsh, as Jeparit residents wake to the sound of street traffic and lakeattrac­ted birdlife.

1. There are two things wrong with this statement. What are they? The American flag, complete with the red, white and blue stars and stripes, still flutters on the moon.

2. The second part of the chorus of the hit song written by Tom Paxton and performed by The Fireballs in 1967 includes the lines, ‘Let me alone, let me go home, let me go back to start over’. What is the name of the song?

3. During Australia’s pioneering days and for many years after, wainwright skills were in high demand. What is a wainwright?

4. What was the name of the 1983 song written by Dave Falkner of rock band Hoodoo Gurus, on the 1984 album Stoneage Romeos, was the second single released by the band and made reference to Cyclone Tracey?

5. English-born George Adams emigrated to Australia in 1855 and worked in a variety of jobs across the country before becoming wealthy and ultimately shifting to Tasmania. He based his lottery business around what historic club?

6. From which modern-day country do we associate the deity whose name of Quetzalcoa­tl comes from the Nahautl language and means feathered serpent? What is a baby rabbit called? What Australian cricketer, in his first-class career, played 234 games and in 338 innings scored 28,067 runs at an average of 95.14 and made 177 centuries and 69 50s, with a top score of 452 not out? The giant gorilla character King Kong, created by American film-maker Merian C. Cooper in collaborat­ion with Edgar Wallace, first appeared in a movie in what year? A. 1921. B. 1933. C. 1945. D. 1956. Does the moon rotate on its axis? Yes or no?


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