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From The Weekly Advertiser The Wimmera’s newest rock bands hit the stage at Horsham Soundshell during the Kannamaroo festival. While there was plenty to get excited about among the performers, the standout band was Wot Tha, featuring Toni Turner on bass guitar-vocals, lead vocalist Noreen Able, fill-in lead guitarist Jono Martin, drummer Matt Kennedy and Paul Drendel on acoustic guitar and harmonica. Note-perfect harmonies and a tight sound will ensure plenty of work for the region’s newest outfit. The highlight of their performanc­e was a cover of the Guns N’ Roses classic Sweet Child O’ Mine – as good as the original.

10 years ago: December 4, 2013

Police have urged Wimmera and Mallee people to join them in a drug-busting alliance to curb the influence of a potentiall­y deadly street drug infiltrati­ng rural communitie­s. In a concerted effort to tackle the spread of crystal methamphet­amine hydrochlor­ide, or ‘ice’, they have launched a double-pronged campaign based on community help and support as well as enforcemen­t.

Five years ago: November 28, 2018

A unique and iconic Wimmera environmen­tal attraction near Nhill appears set to retain its role as a tourist resort and wildlife sanctuary. Prospectiv­e buyers of Little Desert Nature Lodge at Winiam plan to continue to operate the lodge as an eco-tourism venture, guaranteei­ng a legacy establishe­d by Wimpey and Maureen Reichelt in 1969. The sanctuary is home to rare and endangered animals endemic to Little Desert.

One year ago: November 30, 2022

The Apsley community is banding together to support Border Inn Hotel owners Shane Bourke and Catherine Warke after a car ran through the pub early Monday morning. The facade, dining room and parlour were damaged. Mr Bourke said his biggest concern was trying to work out what to do next to ensure the pub remained viable in the coming months.

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