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New-look fixture after withdrawal


Grampians Cricket followers were dismayed to learn that during the Christmas break, Halls Gap Cricket Club made the decision to withdraw its second team from the remainder of the 2023-24 season.

Grampians Cricket Associatio­n pennant committee hastily decided to redefine the season for the eight remaining teams.

To this end, the draw will feature one full round of matches, seven games, and then finals.

The top four teams make up A Grade, with the remainder B Grade.

Grampians cricket resumes after the Christmas break on Saturday.

Halls Gap will take on Rhymney-moyston2 at Halls Gap, Pomonal will play against Swiftsgrea­t Western2 at Pomonal, Chalambar will face Swifts-great Western1 at Buangor and Rhymney-moyston1 will play St Andrews at Moyston.

Clubs usually experience selection difficulti­es at this time of year because of holiday and harvest unavailabi­lity, so upsets are on the cards.

At the Christmas break it appears as though Pomonal, St Andrews, and Swifts-great Western will occupy the top three positions, with Halls Gap and Rhymney-moyston1 fighting it out for the fourth spot.

It is important the Gappers and Rhymston1 make every post a winner, but this round it appears Halls Gap has the easiest task, taking on

Rhymston2, while Rhymston1 will tackle the Saints, who toppled Swifts-great Western prior to Christmas.

Gappers will rely on Charlie Mcintosh, Josh Leith and Adam Mccormack to overcome Danial Taylor, Glen Cosgriff and co.

Rhymston1 must try to restrict the Saints powerful batting line-up of Adam Haslett, Wian Steers, Ryan Skiller and a host of other good players.

Pomonal might have too many guns and experience for Combine2 to overcome.

Lachy Green, Clinton Mackley and Tyler Cronin pose a formidable opponent for Leon Molony and his troops.

In the match just prior to Christmas, Combine2 defeated Chalambar and now Chally must face the Combine’s number one team, which fell to the Saints last game but still managed to score in excess of 200 runs even in defeat.

All-rounder Matt Heffer is having a fine season with both bat and ball and along with batters Tom Eckel, Aiden Graverson and youngster Jacob Dunn will prove difficult for Chally bowlers Grant Le Poidevin and Justin Barbieri to contain.

However, as previously stated, upsets are always a chance at this time of the year. Ladder: Swifts-great Western1, 42 points; Pomonal, 42; St Andrews, 39; Halls Gap1, 39; Rhymney-moyston1, 36; Swifts-great Western2, 21; Chalambar, 18; Halls Gap2, 18; Rhymney-moyston2, 12.

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