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Precision Agricultur­e is at the forefront of farming and as technology evolves so does our knowledge and understand­ing of how it can help us improve. Our Precision Ag Strategy is to combine the data produced by technology with grower knowledge to create a tailored solution to help make your farm more efficient, sustainabl­e and profitable. There are several steps that we go through when identifyin­g whether Precision Ag is a worthwhile investment for your farm:

Step 1. Identify Variation – difference­s within a paddock or over a farm and can include things such as grain yield, protein, soil type, plant biomass or paddock history.

Step 2. Identify the Cause – determine the factor which is causing the variation. Things such as nutrition, sodic or saline soils, soil ph, crop rotation. Soil testing, NDVI and other data play a critical role in this step.

Step 3. Create a Management Strategy – the actions to be taken to neutralize the cause of the variation and improve results can be in the form of Variable Rate maps, fertilizer rate adjustment­s or soil ameliorati­on just to name a few.

Step 4. Implement the Plan – now the fun begins! We get to use technology to our advantage and help to get the most out of your equipment.

Step 5. Review – arguably the most important step is to review the process to ensure that we are getting the desired outcome and improving on our three pillars of efficiency, sustainabi­lity and profitabil­ity!

Nutrien has access to its own soil testing units and allowing us to to tailor the process to suit your needs, while remaining great value for money. The data can be processed inhouse so that we are able to identify anything that looks out of place while also adding the farmer’s knowledge into the creation of the process. This can all be done in the paddock, so you know exactly where the soil tests are taken for future monitoring and comparison. Imagine being able to come back to the exact same spot in the paddock after a 5-year project and see exactly what you have achieved.

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