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In the world of marketing coups, this one is mission accomplish­ed. Mark Wales is a former SAS officer from WA who has started an exclusive clothing label in New York.

Kill_Kapture is a brand shaped by the people, uniforms and environmen­ts of the special forces. His first item is a kangaroo-leather jacket called Pathfinder which he says is 10 times stronger than an average leather jacket and much lighter.

Wales was studying at the Wharton Business School recently when James Mattis dropped in to have breakfast with veterans.

James Mattis, aka “Mad Dog”, is a highly decorated and wildly popular retired US Marine Corps general.

Among other-high profile jobs, he served as commander of US Central Command under President Barack Obama from 2010 to 2013.

Mattis agreed to pose for a photo in one of the jackets — an amazing endorsemen­t.

That was before he was thrust back into the spotlight this month by president-elect Donald Trump, who picked him for secretary of defence.

Needless to say, Wales supports the decision.

Back in Australia, he has a fan in former prime minister Tony Abbott.

Abbott might not have the service record of Mattis, but he has a reputation as one of the tough guys of Australian politics.

He spoke exclusivel­y to IC about his Kill_Kapture jacket.

“I was very honoured when ex-SAS soldier Mark Wales made this wonderful presentati­on,” Abbott said.

“I have the utmost respect for our fighting soldiers and was touched to think that it was reciprocat­ed.”

 ??  ?? James Mattis in Kill_Kapture
James Mattis in Kill_Kapture

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