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Ten com­mer­cial jet makes have never had fa­tal ac­ci­dents

- Ge­of­frey Thomas

There are 10 ma­jor com­mer­cial jets that can claim to be the world’s safest, hav­ing never had a pas­sen­ger fa­tal­ity, ac­cord­ing to man­u­fac­turer Boe­ing.

An in­ter­na­tional sum­mary of ac­ci­dents over al­most 60 years has listed planes with fa­tal­i­tyfree records in­clud­ing the Boe­ing 717, CRJ re­gional jet, A380, Boe­ing 787, Boe­ing 747-8, Air­bus A350, Bom­bardier C Se­ries, A340 and the Air­bus A320 NEO se­ries.

The Boe­ing 737 MAX se­ries has since en­tered ser­vice and has not been in­volved in an ac­ci­dent.

The re­port by Boe­ing does not in­clude any jets built in Rus­sia or for­mer Soviet bloc coun­tries nor turbo-prop or pis­ton-pow­ered planes.

Other planes that have ex­cel­lent safety records in­clude the Boe­ing 737NG se­ries with 0.09 fa­tal crashes per one mil­lion de­par­tures, the Boe­ing 767 (0.10), the Air­bus A320 se­ries (0.11), Boe­ing’s 777 (0.20) and 757 (0.20) and the Air­bus A330 (0.21).

These ac­ci­dent rates are a frac­tion of ear­lier jets such as the Boe­ing 707, which had a fa­tal crash rate of 4.28 per mil­lion de­par­tures.

Even the early mod­els of the 747 had a crash rate of 1.46.

Boe­ing’s Sta­tis­ti­cal Sum­mary of Com­mer­cial Jet Air­plane Ac­ci­dents World­wide Op­er­a­tions 1959 – 2016 has high­lighted how a range of tech­nolo­gies, such as highly com­put­erised cock­pits, has dra­mat­i­cally im­proved safety.

A great ex­am­ple is the world’s most suc­cess­ful jet, the Boe­ing 737, with more than 14,300 sold, which first flew in 1967.

The ini­tial mod­els had a fa­tal crash rate of 0.89 per mil­lion de­par­tures.

The up­graded 737-300/400/ 500, which first flew in 1984, had a crash rate of 0.25.

The 737 New Gen­er­a­tion mod­els which en­tered ser­vice in 1998, have a crash rate of just 0.09. The lat­est ver­sion, the 737 MAX se­ries, which started flights last year, has a flaw­less record so far.

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