The West Australian : 2019-06-12

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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2019 15 THE WEST AUSTRALIAN • THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION The Collector’s Edi on presents an innova ve and unique opportunit­y to own a curated selec on of these rare Argyle pink diamonds. With a verified Argyle origin and a finite mine life, the limited supply release will become a treasured collec ble or ideal for handcra ing into a bespoke jewellery crea on. Sealed for your security and cer fied to the interna onally recognised grading standards by the Interna onal Gemologica­l Ins tute in Antwerp (IGI), the diamonds are available in a variety of sets star ng from $3,000. Acquire your collec on through the Argyle Pink Diamonds Select AtelierTM retailers listed below.

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