The West Australian : 2019-06-12

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NEWS 5 Wednesday, June 12, 2019 — the slowest in a decade — down from 2.3 per cent. Households have been cutting discretion­ary spending this year, particular­ly on restaurant­s and cafes, recreation and culture, and household furnishing­s and equipment, and saving more. WA Opposition Leader Mike Nahan said State Final Demand figures (which track a State’s domestic economic activity while excluding any contributi­on from net exports) showed WA was now in recession. However, Commsec economist Craig James said serious analysis of WA’s economy ought to include net exports. PAYROLL TAX THRESHOLDS 60OFF MASSIVE EOFYSALE UP TO % Victoria $650,000 Tasmania $1.25 million South Australia $1.5 million NT $1.5 million ACT $2 million WA $850,000 NSW Queensland $900,000* $1.1 million STOREWIDE CURRENT OFFERS UNTIL MONDAY 17 JUNE GUARANTEED TH *Rises to $950,000 in 2020-21 and $1 million in 2021-22 Note: Companies pay payroll tax when their total taxable wages bill exceeds these thresholds Back Friendly 100% Natural Latex Mattresses Feeling is Believing NOW $1733 NOW $2290 QUEEN he said. “The Government always monitors the appropriat­eness of its tax settings, and this tax is no different and will therefore be the subject of discussion leading into the next budget but it will also be noted that the same people who call for payroll tax relief also demand action on State debt. “We will continue to weigh up both issues in order to strike the right balance for WA taxpayers.” Last week Australian Bureau of Statistics data showed the national economy had slowed to an annual growth rate of just 1.8 per cent $2889 KING $3817 GETHA ´ SMART Adjustable Beds EXTENDED 12 YEAR WTY. TOP $ELLER LUXUS 3000 SERIES GETHA 'ICON' 60% OFF NOW $2209 NOW $2575 NOW $2849 NOW $3322 QUEEN QUEEN NOW $1751 KING 50%OFF OVER $4378 KING KING LUXUS Mattresses 50%OFF OVER Y GETHA ´ Save with our Everyday Low Prices The ICON by B P 20%OFF Mattress Toppers and Pillows Instantly transform your tired, uncomforta­ble mattress into the luxuriousl­y comfortabl­e mattress you want. Cushions and soothes away back, hip and shoulder pain. COUNTRY DELIVERIES, ONLINE AND PHONE ORDERS WELCOME Perth's Home of Natural Latex Mattresses BOORAGOON OPEN HOURS | | MON-FRI 9AM - 5PM TUES 9AM - 4PM THURS 9AM - 7PM SAT 9AM - 4PM SUNDAY 11AM - 4PM | | Since 1981 Seriously Good Beds For Backs OSBORNE PARK OPEN HOURS BOORAGOON OSBORNE PARK 6161 4123 9204 2045 | | 2/110 Norma Rd (Near Cnr. Leach Hwy) 2/18 Hector Street (West) MON - FRI 9-5PM TUES 9-4PM SAT 9-2PM SUNDAY 11-4PM | www.backandnec­

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