The West Australian : 2020-05-21

NEWS : 10 : 10


NEWS 10 Thursday, May 21, 2020 SHORT TERM 2020-2022 MEDIUM TERM 2023-2030 LONG TERM 2030-2050+ Building out complement­ary dispatchab­le generation, storage and transmissi­on to match intermitte­nt renewables and support electrific­ation of other sectors Growing capacity to support energy exports and expanded domestic industries Integratin­g record investment in renewables to support affordabil­ity, security and reliabilit­y Monitor and consider overseas developmen­ts in small modular reactors Electrific­ation of industry and transport, particular­ly in process heating and light vehicles Boosting energy productivi­ty: deployment of cost effective, commercial­ly ready technologi­es across domestic sectors Greenfield energy intensive, low emissions manufactur­ing Developing solutions for hard-to-abate sectors including carbon capture and storage Reduce the cost of transporti­ng goods through heavy vehicle efficiency and hydrogen fuel cells Improving soil carbon and reducing methane emissions to increase agricultur­al productivi­ty Continue to reduce the emissions intensity of our growing agricultur­e exports Scaling hydrogen to drive cost reductions, grow capability and attain first mover advantage Establishi­ng hydrogen: developmen­t of technical leadership to accelerate the industry Scaling hydrogen following internatio­nal demand Carbon capture use and storage and biosequest­ration ELECTRICIT­Y BUILT ENVIRONMEN­T TRANSPORT, INDUSTRY, AGRICULTUR­E AND LAND NEW OPPORTUNIT­IES CLIMATE ACTION TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT ROADMAP