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Double the fun in trusty tinnie


The dreaded easterly winds have finally abated on the south coast and that has meant some good inshore fishing opportunit­ies. An Albany family have been among those getting out on the water, putting their tinnie to good use in the protected waters around the town.

Brothers Taj, 8, and Braith, 6, enjoy getting out with their parents and trying to catch a feed.

They had a good day out recently, with Braith landing a nice King George whiting and Taj getting a good squid.

The pair were fishing not far offshore around some weedy ground when they caught the fine seafood double.

Taj was trying for squid and saw one following his jig towards the boat.

He stopped winding to let the jig sink and the squid duly latched on.

Taj reeled it in while it was squirting its ink and managed to avoid wearing any.

It was his biggest squid and he was thrilled. Taj has also earned himself a $25 lure pack from Halco Tackle for his memorable catch.

 ??  ?? Taj and Braith McClintock with their Albany double.
Taj and Braith McClintock with their Albany double.

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