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There was a yard­ing of 8250 head at Roma Store sale, down 771 on last week. All buy­ers were in at­ten­dance and op­er­at­ing in a mar­ket that started easy and de­spite sup­ply and de­mand push­ing prices at times, it was still back on last week, in par­tic­u­lar on lesser qual­ity pens. Equal num­bers of heifers and steers were pre­sented and about 1500 cows. Many pens were drought af­fected with po­ten­tial op­por­tu­ni­ties.

Calves made to 328c/kg. Year­ling steers in the 200-280kg range topped at 344c to av­er­age 314c/kg. Feeder steers made to 307c to av­er­age 271c/kg. Year­ling heifers to re­stock­ers made to 296c/kg.

Grown steers ore than 400kg topped at 286c to av­er­age 278c, with heav­ier grown steers to kill top­ping at 265c/kg. Grown heifers made to 250c/kg. Light cows to re­stock­ers made to 190c to av­er­age 161c/kg. Heavy cows to slaugh­ter topped at 216c to av­er­age 210c/kg. Cows with calves at foot topped at $1090/unit. Young bulls, some to live ex­port, topped at 332c to av­er­age 264c/kg and bulls to re­stock­ers made 280c/kg.


Num­bers re­duced by 90 head, how­ever still re­mained rel­a­tively high. Over­all qual­ity was very mixed across all classes. The trend of a fall in prices ex­pe­ri­enced at most other mar­kets con­tin­ued, with the light weight lines the most af­fected. Vealer steers to re­stock­ers av­er­aged 18c cheaper while the heifer por­tion lost more than 20c/kg. Medium weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged 15c less while the heavy weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged 5c/kg cheaper. Heavy grown steers to ex­port slaugh­ter eased in price by 15c/kg. A fairly large sup­ply of cows av­er­aged 8c to 16c/kg less. Vealer steers re­turn­ing to the pad­dock made to 319.2c, with a large sam­ple av­er­ag­ing 303c/kg. Vealer heifers mostly sold to back­ground or re­stock­ers at about 250c to 254c, with a hand­ful of well-pre­sented classes to the trade reach­ing 299.2c/kg.

Medium weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged close to 270c and made to 283c/kg. Heavy weight year­ling steers more than 400kg to feed av­er­aged close to 277c with some to 285c/kg. Medium weight year­ling heifers to feed av­er­aged 245c and made to 250c, and a small sam­ple to the trade made to 270c/kg.

Heavy grown steers to ex­port slaugh­ter av­er­aged 260c and made to 266.2c/kg. Medium weight 2 score cows av­er­aged 174c and made to 177.2c/kg. The best of the medium weights made to 205c to av­er­age 200c/kg. Good heavy cows made to 216.2c with a fair sam­ple close to 207c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 237.2c/kg.


The sup­ply of stock re­duced by 31 per cent and buyer at­ten­dance was not as strong as the pre­vi­ous week. Light weight year­ling steers to re­stock­ers or back­ground eased 16c to 24c/kg. Medium weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged 8c/kg less. How­ever, heavy­weight year­ling steers to feed sold to within 2c to 4c/kg of the pre­vi­ous sale. Year­ling heifers re­duced the most in price with losses of 20c and up to 40c/kg in places. A rel­a­tively small sam­ple of bul­locks av­er­aged 20c/kg cheaper. Cows fol­lowed a sim­i­lar trend to ease 11c to 16c/kg.

Steer calves re­turn­ing to the pad­dock made to 320.2c to av­er­age 296c and heifer calves av­er­aged 239c/kg. The very oc­ca­sional vealer steer show­ing po­ten­tial made to 600c/kg. Vealer heifers to feed mostly sold in the early 270c/kg range and made to 293.2c/kg. Light weight year­ling steers re­turn­ing to the pad­dock av­er­aged 308c and made to 337.2c/kg. Year­ling steers in the 280-330kg range av­er­aged 295c and made to 306.2c/kg. Medium weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged close to 280c and made to 290c/kg. Heavy weight year­ling steers more than 400kg to feed mostly sold in the high 270c/kg range with some to 282.2c/kg. Light weight year­ling heifers to feed or back­ground made to 264.2c to av­er­age 244c/kg. Heavy weight year­ling heifers to feed av­er­aged 242c and made to 252.2c/kg.

A hand­ful of bul­locks sold to the whole­sale meat trade made 280.2c, while most to ex­port slaugh­ter av­er­aged 258c and made to 263.2c/kg. Medium weight 2 score cows av­er­aged 174c and the best of the medium weights av­er­aged 202c/kg. Good heavy cows made to the oc­ca­sional 216.2c to av­er­age 205c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 240.2c/kg.


Num­bers re­duced by 39 per cent and buyer at­ten­dance was gen­er­ally good and most were op­er­at­ing in a cheaper mar­ket. Medium weight year­ling steers to feed av­er­aged 11c less, how­ever heavy weight year­ling steers more than 400kg to feed eased 3c to 5c/kg.

Year­ling heifers ex­pe­ri­enced the largest losses to av­er­age 11c to 20c/kg less. Heavy grown steers and bul­locks sold to a cheaper trend to ease 6c to 9c/kg. A good sup­ply of cows re­duced in price a fur­ther 2c to 6c/kg against the larges losses ex­pe­ri­enced the pre­vi­ous sale.

Heavy weight year­ling steers made from 273.2c to 286.2c to av­er­age 282.1c, down 5c/kg. Medium weight year­ling heifers to feed made from 240c to 266.2c to av­er­age 253.7c, down 11c/kg.

Grown steers to feed were 7c eas­ier to 250.2c/kg. Few grown heifers sold, how­ever those that did made from 140.2c to 244.2c/kg. Medium weight cows to pro­ces­sors made from 180c to 199.2c/kg. The best of the bulls made to 250.2c/kg.


A mixed qual­ity yard­ing of 1684 cat­tle at Sullivan Live­stocks Gympie sale saw the mar­ket eas­ier for most de­scrip­tions, with the ex­cep­tion of qual­ity wean­ers which re­mained firm. Cat­tle were drawn from Rosedale, Bund­aberg, Mary­bor­ough, Ara­mara, Woolooga, Kilki­van, Tansey, Ke­nil­worth, Maleny, North Arm and all lo­cal ar­eas.

Drought­mas­ter cross steers from The Ford Broth­ers, Beaver Rock, made $2.70 to re­turn $1346 and $1324. Char­bray steers, 18 months, from B. and J. John­son, Goom­bo­rian, made $2.80 ($1022). Qual­ity drought­mas­ter weaner steers from Dave and El­iz­a­beth Al­lomes, Miva Home­stead, sold for $3.47 ($1052), $3.83 ($1049), $3.73 ($1024 and $946) and $3.71 ($868 and $772). Sim­men­tal cross steers from Bruce Viner, Wolvi, made $3.31 ($890) and $3.29 ($784). Char­bray steers from John and Les­ley Kropp, Wonga, made $3.29 ($849). Drought­mas­ter steers from B.H. and S.O. Por­tas, Woolooga, made $3.09 ($916), $3.13 ($899) and $3.37 ($728). Drought­mas­ter steers from The Wil­liamson Fam­ily, Rosedale, made $3.25 ($842) and $3.29 ($658). Drought­mas­ter steers from John and Wendy Stu­art, Coon­doo, made $3.33 ($819). Bet­ter qual­ity weaner steers gen­er­ally sold from $3 to $3.45, with the next run mak­ing from $2.80 to $2.95.

Feeder heifers sold from $2.40 to $2.58. Bet­ter qual­ity drought­mas­ter weaner heifers sold to a top of $3.31 from Brett Whales, Coon­doo. Char­bray cross heifers from Tony Mawhin­ney sold for $3.19. Drought­mas­ter heifers from W. and J. Paulger, Ke­nil­worth, made $3.23 ($805). Drought­mas­ter heifers from Dave and El­iz­a­beth Al­lomes made $3.07 ($795). The next run of weaner heifers sold from $2.40 to $2.82. Cows and calves were lim­ited in sup­ply and sold to a top of $1500.


Num­bers in­creased to 1755 head, a rise of 716 mainly mixed-qual­ity cat­tle. The yard­ing con­sisted of 1380 young cat­tle, the bal­ance made up of 380 ex­port cat­tle, mainly cows. This even­tu­ated in a gen­eral cheaper trend through­out, prin­ci­pally in the young cat­tle cat­e­gories. The usual buy­ing group at­tended and re­stock­ers op­er­ated strongly in a cheaper mar­ket.

Light veal­ers to the trade sold to cheaper trends of 16c to 20c, while wean­ers to the re­stock­ers sold to cheaper trends of up to 21c/kg for heifers back to the pad­dock, which in­cluded drafts sent to south­ern or­ders. Plainer grades of young steers and heifers also sold to cheaper trends of 20c to 30c/kg. Year­ling steers were in a mi­nor­ity and the plainer drafts were back 20c/kg, heifers much the same. Grown steers had in­creased num­bers but also sold to cheaper trends of up to 20c/kg. Bet­ter con­di­tioned grown heifers were back 4c/kg. Light cows had re­duc­tions of 10c/kg. Most heavy cows had cheaper trends of 7c to10c/kg. This was the re­sult of pro­ces­sors be­ing tested, with large num­bers of cows be­ing sent to sale due to the dry con­di­tions pre­vail­ing in most ar­eas.


There was an­other large pen­ning, al­beit re­duced in num­ber. Again cows and young cat­tle made up the bulk as pro­duc­ers are left with few op­tions other than to off­load core breed­ers and pro­duc­tion stock in the lead-up to what is pre­dicted to be an or­di­nary win­ter. The qual­ity of the of­fer­ing was very mixed with few qual­ity lines avail­able and most of the wean­ers mar­keted through the spe­cialised sales. Con­di­tion was gen­er­ally on the leaner end of the spec­trum apart from a few well-fin­ished dry cows. Not all reg­u­lar pro­ces­sors or feed­lot­ters were in at­ten­dance.

Mar­ket trends were gen­er­ally cheaper with re­stock­ers not as ac­tive, be­ing the same rea­son as the sell-off. Weaner steers were 14c to 20c cheaper with the heifer por­tion 13c to 30c/kg cheaper. Pos­si­bly the least af­fected were the well-bred, more sought-af­ter lines of heavy feeder steers. De­pend­ing on qual­ity, sales re­mained close to firm while the less sought-af­ter lots showed cheaper trends up to 15c/kg. Medium and heavy year­ling heifers to re­stock and feed sold to cheaper trends of 13c to 16c/kg and more in places. Some feed­lot­ters were look­ing to back­ground light and medium weights be­fore in­duct­ing them.

The lim­ited sup­ply of well-fin­ished heavy grown steers saw a slightly cheaper mar­ket trend. The cow mar­ket could not sus­tain the strong mar­ket of the pre­vi­ous sale, record­ing cheaper trends of as much as 20c/kg across the board. There was in­creased re­stocker ac­tiv­ity on the plainer con­di­tion cows.


A small de­crease in num­bers, how­ever sup­ply re­mained high. Wean­ers suit­able to re­stock­ers and cows made up the big­gest per­cent­ages, with year­lings also well sup­plied. The qual­ity of the cat­tle to re­stock and feed was gen­er­ally good, how­ever the con­di­tion re­flected the sea­son with the ma­jor­ity on the lean side. There were lim­ited sup­plies of well-fin­ished heavy grown steers and heifers, while 1 and 2 score cows were of­fered in large num­bers. All the usual or­ders were in place and par­tic­i­pat­ing. De­mand for young cat­tle was weaker across most cat­e­gories re­sult­ing in cheaper trends. There were odd ex­cep­tions. The weaner steers to re­stock saw a cheaper trend of 8c to 9c/kg, with the heifers ex­pe­ri­enc­ing sim­i­lar re­duc­tions. Veal­ers to the trade were as much as 30c/kg cheaper and the qual­ity was not as good. Heavy year­ling steers re­mained close to firm with some qual­ity-re­lated price vari­a­tion. Medium and heavy year­ling heifers to re­stock and feed saw a cheaper trend of as much as 20c/kg. Plainer qual­ity light weights at­tracted re­stocker com­pe­ti­tion, al­though the trend was cheaper. The few heavy grown steers suit­able to pro­ces­sors were 5c/kg cheaper. Heavy weight feed­ers were firm to slightly dearer.


SHOW PO­TEN­TIAL: El­ders stock agent Dar­ren Hartwig bought a steer for a led steer client at 600c/kg at the Toowoomba sale on Mon­day.

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