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7 When fright­ened, which African an­te­lope can make leaps as long as 9 me­tres and as high as 3 me­tres? (6)

8/11 Which film star’s 1950 preg­nancy caused a huge scan­dal and her de­nounce­ment in the US Se­nate as “a hor­ri­ble ex­am­ple of wom­an­hood and a pow­er­ful in­flu­ence for evil”? (6,7)

12 What is your pollex? (5)

13 In Scan­di­na­vian mythol­ogy, who is the god of thun­der? (4)

14 Which deadly poi­son de­rived from cas­tor oil plant seeds is used in bi­o­log­i­cal war­fare? (5)

18 Which cartoon duck made his film de­but in 1937? (5)

19 What is a private box in a the­atre or opera house? (4)

23 What ring is thrown at a peg in an out­door tar­get game? (5)

24 Quito is in which coun­try? (7)

25/27 Whose most suc­cess­ful mu­si­cal An­nie Get Your Gun was al­most not writ­ten be­cause he said he knew noth­ing about “hill­billy” mu­sic? (6,6)


1 What is a col­lec­tive agri­cul­tural set­tle­ment in Is­rael? (7)

2 Who killed Cock Robin? (7)

3 Which US chil­dren’s au­thor (Judy ___) wrote Are you there God? It’s me, Mar­garet? (5)

4 What equals ap­prox­i­mately 3.14159? (2) 5 Which fish has brown, sea and rain­bow species? (5)

6 What clay is used to make sun-dried bricks? (5) 9 Who is Beatrix Pot­ter’s squir­rel? (6)

10 Which lake isle is the sub­ject of a WB Yeats poem of 1893? (9)

15 Stems of which palm are used for pun­ish­ment canes? (6)

16 Which studier of chim­panzees (Jane ___) wrote In the Shadow of Man? (7)

17 What cured fish is a bloater? (7)

20 What seafood is cala­mari? (5)

21 Which make of car trans­lates as “I roll”? (5) 22 What was the stan­dard Ger­man Army side arm un­til re­placed by the Walther? (5)

26 Which Ja­panese board game in­volves ter­ri­to­rial pos­ses­sion and cap­ture? (2)

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