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1. What is lais­sez-faire: an idle woman, a ca­sual rental ar­range­ment or a pol­icy of non-in­ter­fer­ence?

2. Which coun­try pro­duces the most gold: South Africa, China or Aus­tralia?

3. On av­er­age, women in Aus­tralia live longer than women in New Zealand. True or false?

4. A Moné­gasque is a na­tional of which coun­try?

5. What type of in­sect be­longs to the or­der Coleoptera: bee, ear­wig or bee­tle?

6. Patti Boyd was mar­ried to Bea­tle George Harrison and which other fa­mous singer?

7. France has about how many peo­ple: 50 mil­lion, 58 mil­lion or 66 mil­lion?

8. In which con­ti­nent is the Gobi Desert?

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