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1 A Ger­man word for “sausage poi­son­ing” gave us what word in English? (8)

7 What pro­tects the brain from in­jury? (5)

8 Who was mur­dered in Hawaii in Fe­bru­ary 1779? (5,4) 9 What is shel­ter given by a neigh­bour­ing ob­ject? (3) 10 What is the pig­mented layer of the eye’s iris? (4)

11 What is to de­scend a steep face by us­ing a dou­bled rope fixed at a higher point? (6)

13 Which of Henry VIII’s wives was wid­owed three times? (9,4)

15 What are urged on by a fox-hunter’s cry of “Yoicks”? (6)

16 Which me­tal­lic el­e­ment has the sym­bol Au? (4) 18 In Ja­pan, what is drunk in a build­ing called a cha-shitsu? (3)

20 In the US, what was an il­licit drink­ing club dur­ing Pro­hi­bi­tion called? (9)

21 Who is sis­ter of Peter, Flopsy and Cot­ton­tail? (5)

22 What type of rocky body was first dis­cov­ered by as­tronomer Giuseppe Pi­azzi in 1801? (8)


1 From French, what is a small and del­i­cately worked trin­ket? (5)

2 In lit­er­a­ture, what is a vi­o­lent, windy storm? (7)

3 What is a metal form on which a shoe is made or re­paired? (4)

4 What vi­sion prob­lem might trou­ble skiers? (4,9)

5 What is a pen made from a bird’s feather? (5)

6 What is a spy planted for fu­ture use, but not cur­rently ac­tive? (7)

7 Which coun­try singer (____ Davis) was sus­pended from the Grand Ole Opry for crit­i­cis­ing the Nashville Po­lice De­part­ment? (7)

12 Which French com­poser wrote La Mer ? (7)

13 In pre-euro days, what was one-hun­dredth of a franc? (7)

14 What is also called an “al­li­ga­tor pear”? (7)

15 Which Marx brother never spoke a line in films? (5) 17 In mythol­ogy, what nymph in­hab­its a tree or wood? (5) 19 Which is the largest is­land of the In­ner He­brides? (4)

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