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5 Which con­ser­va­tive sect set­tled in Penn­syl­va­nia in the early 1700s? (5)

8 What small an­i­mal is an Eri­naceus eu­ropaeus? (8)

9 What is the nick­name for the gold stat­uette given as an Academy award? (5)

10 Which Ger­man com­poser ended a per­form­ing ca­reer in 1832 when he broke a fin­ger? (8)

11 If you are post­ing a let­ter in Eng­land in 1860, the pil­lar box is prob­a­bly what colour? (5)

14 What form of Bud­dhism em­pha­sises the value of med­i­ta­tion? (3)

16 What hooded cloak was once worn by sol­diers? (6) 17 How many sides has a hen­decagon? (6)

18 What in­sec­ti­cide was once widely used to com­bat malaria? (1,1,1)

20 Which Rus­sian nu­clear sub­ma­rine foundered in 2000 with the loss of 118 crew? (5)

24 Which US nu­clear sub­ma­rine foundered in 1963 with the loss of 129 crew? (5)

25 What is a group of sheaves of grain stood on end in a field? (5)

26 In which 1959 film did Hay­ley Mills make her film de­but? (5,3)

27 Nairobi is the cap­i­tal of which coun­try? (5) Down 1 What word can be pre­ceded by sea and tea? (5)

2 Which state pro­duces a quar­ter of the US’s pota­toes? (5)

3 What are mi­crobes com­monly called? (5)

4/6 In 1983, which Dad’s Army ac­tor said in his self­com­posed obit­u­ary in the Times that he had conked out? (4,2,8)

7 Death Val­ley is be­low it; Lake Ta­hoe is above it. What? (3,5)

12 What is a long, nar­row French loaf called? (8)

13 Which 1995 film was the first fully com­puter-gen­er­ated fea­ture film? (3,5)

14 Amer­i­cans call it “zee”. What do we call it? (3)

15 What di­vides a ten­nis court? (3)

19 Which flower was named in hon­our of Swedish botanist An­ders Dahl? (6)

21 What is the top or bot­tom sup­port­ing post of a stair­rail? (5)

22 Which English lock­smith (Jeremiah ____) patented a “pick-proof” lock in 1818? (5)

23 What were for­merly called roent­gen rays? (1-4)

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