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Wel­come to TopGear, huge orange lump

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Niches sliced so thin that they be­come al­most in­dis­tin­guish­able from each other, de­sign lan­guage so strik­ing and re­cast it starts to get con­fus­ing as to which model you’re ac­tu­ally look­ing at with­out hold­ing up a pound coin for scale – that’s mod­ern Audi.

Not that there’s any­thing par­tic­u­larly wrong with that: the idea is that you buy the right Audi model for your life­style and that big­ger doesn’t mean bet­ter, or posher. Ex­cept here, be­cause the TopGear Garage Q8 is very big, and quite posh. And it’s also very goldy-orange.

Of­fi­cially it’s called ‘Dragon Orange’, but I’ve set­tled on ‘Argh­myeyes Orange’, be­cause in strong sun­light sit­u­a­tions it’ll sear your reti­nas and leave an af­ter­im­age of a mas­sive Audi burned into the back of your skull. I like it. So what is it? Sim­ply the range-top­per of the ‘Q’ (SUV) range. The 8 in­di­cat­ing the thick­ness of the tech­nol­ogy wedged into the squat, wide, oxy­moronic ‘four-door-coupe’ shape. You could men­tion – in a whis­per – that it’s a Lam­borgh­ini Urus with a diesel, or a five-seat ver­sion of a Q7, a car that sud­denly looks a bit like a minibus when parked next to it.

One thing it isn’t, is bor­ing. Fat arches, cheesy-but-ex­cel­lent danc­ing LED lights, plenty of space for five (re­ally). Hon­estly, there’s so much to say, I’ll be spend­ing the next two months ex­plain­ing the ba­sics.


2967cc, V6 bi-tur­bod­iesel, AWD, 286bhp, 442lb ft 43.5mpg, 168g/km CO 2 0–62mph in 6.3secs, 152mph 2145kg


Yet an­other Audi niche. What does the Q8 do that all the other Audi’s don’t?

MILEAGE: 4328 OUR MPG: 39.3

It’s a four-door coupe. That’s a thing, hon­est

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