Fix your wagon

Re­port 6 BMW M5 £89,645 OTR/£101,900


It’s back from the menders, and all is cur­rently well. The high-pres­sure fuel sen­sors have been re­placed to cure the car stalling in traf­fic, and while it was there BMW no­ticed a noise which I’d thought was an oc­ca­sional hum from the left front tyre and thought noth­ing of. Turns out that came from the front diff, so that’s also been re­placed.

Trou­bling, though, isn’t it? Early ver­sions of the old F10 M5 had oil pump faults, while the V10 E60 be­fore that had a rep­u­ta­tion for land­ing big bills on own­ers. So let’s hope this is the end of M5 is­sues and I can get back to en­joy­ing the car.

But not from the rear seat. Was in there re­cently. The front seats are so mas­sive that those in the back are ef­fec­tively be­hind a par­ti­tion.


4395cc, V8 twin-turbo, RWD, 591bhp, 553lb ft 26.9mpg, 241g/km CO 2 0–62mph in 3.4secs, 155mph 1855kg


New fuel sen­sors, new front diff. Let’s hope that’s the end of the war­ranty is­sues.

MILEAGE: 8228 OUR MPG: 23.3

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