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Waft, si­lence, the faint smell of but­tery leather and the slick tac­til­ity of ex­pertly ex­e­cuted ve­neer... which is quite hard to say af­ter lunch at one’s club. But what if a brand new gen­tle­man’s car­riage could of­fer a more ‘cu­rated’ take on a per­sonal mo­tor? The best up­per-ech­e­lon ex­press out there at the mo­ment is the new Bent­ley Con­ti­nen­tal GT. But there are other classy op­tions.

New Bent­ley Conti GT // £159,100

It’s fast, com­fort­able, bril­liantly made and su­per-charis­matic. Now with added tech­nol­ogy

Eats fuel if you push on, it isn’t even re­motely sub­tle, costs a lot A brand-new Con­ti­nen­tal GT will set you back a not-in­signif­i­cant £159,100, and that’s even be­fore you’ve delved into the Bent­ley per­son­al­i­sa­tion pro­gramme or fid­dled with your gran­ite ve­neers. For that ba­sic price, you get an old-school Bri­tish hand­crafted vibe, backed up by de­cid­edly new-school tech­nol­ogy, mak­ing a gen­uinely ex­cit­ing and fun car to tool about in, and prob­a­bly one of the best mon­eyed dailies out there. There’s all-wheeldrive se­cu­rity and sub­tle tech mar­ried to hand­made de­li­cious­ness. You just can’t ar­gue with it.

Pre-loved R-R Phan­tom Coupe // £168,990

Mon­ster pres­ence, mon­ster engine, ac­tu­ally quite star­tling to drive for a full-fat R-R – more like a Wraith

Some peo­ple won’t like or un­der­stand it, it will cost the GDP of Wales to run monthly A brand-new ‘ath­letic’ Rolls-Royce Phan­tom Coupe lists at well north of £315k. But if you’re in the mar­ket for a Bri­tish crusher of con­ti­nents with only two doors, how about a black two-door R-R Phan­tom Coupe we found at Dick Lovett Fer­rari in Swin­don for £169k? Just 13,000 miles in eight years, 453bhp from that mon­ster 6.7-litre V12. No, Phan­tom Coupes don’t pop up ev­ery five min­utes (though you can buy them in Rus­sia more reg­u­larly, ac­cord­ing to our re­search), but that’s one hell of a mark down for a pal­try 1,600 miles a year. And let’s face it, the Rolls is just that lit­tle bit more outré.

HAR­RIS SAYS Coupe Phan­tom

“Fu­ture by a mile. clas­sic sta­tus ed” guar­ante

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