TG has an­other tiny hot hatch in the house


Re­port 9 Hyundai i30N £27,995/£28,580

Mdi­vi­sion ver­sus N di­vi­sion, and a tale of two quite dif­fer­ent hot hatches. In the blue cor­ner, the BMW M140i, the lat­est it­er­a­tion of a car that’s been around for six years. In the pale blue cor­ner, the Hyundai i30N, in its in­fancy but with a sim­i­larly al­phanu­meric name and sev­eral shared de­tails, given its de­vel­op­ment was led by Al­bert Bier­mann, for­merly a se­nior fig­ure at BMW M for years.

Mind, it’s not rear-driven like the M140i, and you’d think the BMW would be the more mis­chievous of the pair. But its straight-six engine and 8spd auto make it feel grownup and, com­pared with the i30N, it feels a bit clumsy at its limit. Bier­mann has freer reign at N, and the Hyundai feels like the hot hatch he al­ways wanted to make.

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