laura Dern The Os­car-win­ning star talks ar­mour, Vader and ex­treme Re­belling…

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What are you al­lowed to tell us about Vice Ad­mi­ral Ami­lyn Holdo?

Ugh. Isn’t it hard to do these? [laughs] There’s so lit­tle we can say. I mean, hon­estly, it’s not as though I can say that much more to you un­til I, like you, have seen the movie. Be­cause it’s a mys­tery to me in some ways. But she is part of the Re­sis­tance, and she’s there to sort of shake things up. And I have the most fan­tas­tic colour of hair. [laughs] These things I can tell you.

Ami­lyn looks very fancy for a Re­sis­tance mem­ber… What’s the rea­son­ing be­hind that?

Hmm. In­ter­est­ing ques­tion. [laughs] I may ask that ques­tion my­self. I think we’re go­ing to have to let that one un­fold…

Is it true you couldn’t re­sist do­ing the pew-pew noises when fir­ing your blaster?

[laughs] It’s 100 per cent true. It’s so hi­lar­i­ous to me. I loved all of it. Ev­ery op­por­tu­nity to be in what felt iconic to me, was just a dream.

Did you fall for any of the prac­ti­cal crea­tures in the movie?

I re­mem­ber Rian com­ing up to me a few days into film­ing and he said, “Oh, Laura, I’m sure you’ve met, but have you met Chewbacca?” I’m like, “Are you kidding me? [dra­matic pause] No, I haven’t met Chewbacca!” He’s like, “Chewbacca, come and give Laura a hug!” Oh my God. I cried! It was so beau­ti­ful.

Juras­sic Park

The fran­chise has had a resur­gence re­cently. Would you like El­lie to re­turn in a fu­ture in­stal­ment?

I mean, come on! I’ve got a reck­on­ing. Yeah, I’m ready to get back into that world, for sure. That would be fun. I know the boys have gone back. They’ve got to get the girl back. MM

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