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I’m in­ter­ested in the de­vel­op­ment of cinema tech­nol­ogy in pre-dig­i­tal times. I re­mem­ber read­ing about a US

ex­per­i­ment to in­crease the frame rate of tra­di­tional, cel­lu­loid film that cre­ated much smoother, ‘realer’ move­ment. What hap­pened to that? Was it lost in the tidal-wave rush to put every­thing into a dig­i­tal for­mat? Is to­tal dig­i­tal me­dia a mis­take? Have other de­vel­op­ing ideas been lost? STEPHEN CATCHPOLE, VIA EMAIL Those are big ques­tions – we may have to pass them on to the Wing­man, who may have to pass them on to his cousin who knows some­one who once had a sum­mer job at PC World. We’d guess that in­creas­ing the frame rate of phys­i­cal film was prob­a­bly too costly and arm-breaky (all those reels) to put into prac­tice. As for de­vel­op­ing ideas, Smell-O-Vi­sion seems to be one that spo­rad­i­cally wafts in be­fore be­ing Fe­brezed back to the draw­ing board. Maybe there are too many com­pet­ing scents in the au­di­to­rium; which seems an apt point to apol­o­gise to those sit­ting down­wind of us dur­ing Hered­i­tary.

is Mamma Mia! 2 prefer­able to melt­ing?

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