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You make me f’n fu­ri­ous (x7, x8, x9) as you guys are al­ways try­ing to run down Dwayne’s act­ing and ram­page through his movie CV! Other guys are sim­ply just Moana(s); so be cool, get smart, with some cen­tral in­tel­li­gence, and you’ll see the game plan… He’s a walk­ing tall Em­pire State skyscraper of a Her­culean movie tal­ent!! PS Chal­lenge you to shoe­horn in Ju­manji. ELEANOR PALMER, VIA EMAIL Diss Dwayne? For one thing, we’d need a Panzer tank to ‘run down’ Mr. John­son, what with all the bi­ceps. And for an­other, even when the con­tent dis­ap­points (like when he didn’t show up in Pic­nic At Hang­ing Rock – he’d have rounded up those schoolkids in a com­bat chop­per, pronto), he’s re­li­ably on form.

So we say, we love ju, man – geez! (How’s that?)

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