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There’s a school of thought that Creed should have been a stand­alone, the per­fect sign-off for the Rocky saga. Look­ing at Creed II’s trail­ers, one can’t help but re­spond: shut up, school of thought. This isn’t a mere ‘se­quel’ to Ryan Coogler’s 2015 hit; it’s pay­back for Rocky IV, as boxer’s son Michael B. Jor­dan gets in the ring with the son of the boxer who offed his pops. Dolph Lund­gren is back in his star-mak­ing role as tac­i­turn ti­tan-turned-trainer Ivan Drago, giv­ing ol’ Sly the evils again (if not brain dam­age). Ru­mours are fly­ing that other fa­mil­iar fran­chise faces are also set to re­turn… Can Creed Jr. avenge Creed Snr.? Will Stal­lone get the Os­car this time? What’s Mark Ry­lance got com­ing out? See next is­sue’s ring­side cov­er­age…

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