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This month we get philo­soph­i­cal with M. Night Shya­malan and his cast as we dis­cuss the fi­nal film in his long-ges­tat­ing trilogy, Glass, which ques­tions what su­per­pow­ers might re­ally be. The di­rec­tor sug­gests that those who’ve en­dured ex­treme dif­fi­cul­ties may be su­per-hu­man in a way that un­bro­ken peo­ple aren’t, so the TF team reckon we must be pretty in­vin­ci­ble, given we’ve lived through the bur­glar alarm go­ing off for eight hours, the hor­ror of the fruit bas­ket be­ing empty and that time Jamie Gra­ham couldn’t get an omelette on room ser­vice. Se­ri­ously, though, we’re a lucky bunch to have chat­ted to the Creed II team, got deep with Ti­mothée Cha­la­met and Steve Carell, dis­cussed diva strops with Chloë Se­vi­gny, hung out with Joel Edger­ton, and tried to get a word in edge­ways with Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly. All quite su­per re­ally.

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