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He may take a back seat to Miles, but Peter (Jake John­son) still plays a cru­cial role. Only, this isn’t the web-head you know and love. “He’s a 40-year-old Peter Parker,” John­son ex­plains.

“A Peter Parker who is past the ex­cite­ment stage of be­ing Spi­der-Man, and at the point where he doesn’t know the val­ues of be­ing Spi­der-Man any more, and needs some­one to re­mind him.” That re­minder comes in the shape of Mo­rales, but their men­tor/mentee re­la­tion­ship is a two-way street. “The orig­i­nal premise was: ‘Let’s do The Karate Kid, but where Mr. Miyagi isn’t wise at all, and the young kid has to teach him to be a teacher,’” laughs Lord, who thought it im­por­tant to dis­tance their Peter from the three live-ac­tion Spideys. “The idea that he’s a lit­tle older, a lit­tle more beat up, that he’s big­ger, he’s wider, he looks like a man – that was re­ally im­por­tant to see him in a slightly dif­fer­ent light, and to dif­fer­en­ti­ate him from Tom Hol­land’s char­ac­ter.”

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