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When Amy Pas­cal, then co-chair­per­son of Sony Pic­tures, ap­proached Lord and Miller to make an an­i­mated Spi­der-Man movie in 2015, they agreed on two con­di­tions: Miles Mo­rales had to be the main char­ac­ter; and, as with 2014’s The Lego Movie, it had to break new ground vis­ually. “We thought, be­cause it’s called Spi­der-Man, it was a Tro­jan horse to try a bunch of crazy stuff,” says Lord, who also penned the screen­play. “And be­cause it’s about the in­ter­sec­tion of dif­fer­ent di­men­sions we could com­bine dif­fer­ent an­i­ma­tion styles and make it re­ally psy­che­delic.” Also key, ac­cord­ing to Ram­sey, was em­brac­ing the graphic na­ture of comic books: in both the ever-chang­ing art styles, and the idio­syn­cra­sies of the printed page it­self. “We utilised comic-book print­ing tech­niques, which is where we get our half-tone dots from, and ac­tual ink lines on the char­ac­ters to ac­cen­tu­ate ex­pres­sions, and text on screen; all those things that we could have fun with and bring a level of self-aware­ness to our story.” The only rule? There are no rules. “Phil would al­ways say, ‘The note I want to give is: OK, you went too far,’” laughs Ram­sey.

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