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The God Committee and Bourne star talks naps and rainy shoots in the jungle.


Julia Stiles talks on-set naps and weird wrap parties.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to set?

I usually put my stuff in my dressing room or trailer. I tend to work a lot of early mornings so coffee is essential. You say hi to people along the way, then you go into the hair and makeup chair and start that whole process.

What do you take with you on set?

A script. Sometimes I bring snacks and pack a lunch for myself, just because I never know what’s going to be available. Headphones and some sort of device. It depends. If I think I’m going to have a lot of downtime, I’ll bring my iPad. If not, I’ll bring just my phone. I bring a book, but I never usually read on set because it makes me tired.

Do you have any on-set superstiti­ons?

No, I don’t. That’s so funny because I am kind of a superstiti­ous person. I guess there’s sort of a running joke of not mentioning the name of The Scottish Play.

Do you prefer a hot or cold lunch?

Cold. I try to eat lighter because if I have too big a lunch, it makes me lethargic.

Do you ever sleep on set?

I’m a really good napper. I’m very good at short naps, longer naps. I often nap at lunchtime. I feel bad because it’s anti-social. But at the same time, I can’t really survive the afternoon without it.

What’s been your best-ever on-set experience?

I loved working on Riviera. There’s something about travelling with the people you’re working with. It makes you a tighter-knit group because you’re not going home to your everyday lives and we were all exploring these countries together. Venice, in particular, was really lovely because you have to travel everywhere by boat. The start of our workday would be a sunrise boat commute. Then you’d be taking that boat home at night when the sun was setting and we’d reconvene at the hotel for drinks. It was really magical.

What’s been your worst on-set experience?

I actually don’t remember the title of the movie. We filmed in Colombia, which I really loved, but we were filming in the middle of the night. There was pouring rain [in the] jungle. Being on set was challengin­g. We had to wait the rain out, sitting around all night long to see if the director was going to say we could go home. It was frustratin­g because it was like: ‘Obviously, this rain is not going to stop so just let us go home and go to sleep.’

Most memorable wrap party?

The weirdest was the wrap party for Hustlers at the Playboy Club in New York. They opened it up to the public at a certain point and then we were corralled into this viewing area. I think my days of clubbing are over. I was like: ‘Is this OK?’ I got a little feminist-y about it, where I was like: ‘I should lighten up and this is fun with all the girls walking around in their bunny outfits, but is it weird? I don’t know.’

What’s been your most embarrassi­ng moment on set?

On The God Committee, we were doing these scenes around a conference table and we had to shoot 10 pages of dialogue over the course of two days. The camera would go around, pick off every actor and give them their close-up. I was the last person to go. I kept thinking to myself: ‘Oh, when the camera gets to me, I must know these lines like the back of my hand.’ But then, sure enough, I was forgetting my lines and messing up. I mean, it didn’t matter. We could go again. But it just felt like: ‘We’ve been doing these scenes for two days. How come when you point the camera on me, all of a sudden I’m nervous?’ AL



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 ??  ?? Stiles stars as Dr. Jordan Taylor in The God Committee.
Stiles stars as Dr. Jordan Taylor in The God Committee.

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