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Jemaine Clement: what he does when not doing What We Do In The Shadows.

TV’s What We Do In The Shadows isn’t the only spin-off from the 2014 vampire mock-doc of the same name. Another Taika Watiti/ Jemaine Clement brainchild, Wellington Paranormal follows the POV not of the creatures of the night, but the cops going after them…

There are numerous difference­s between the two shows… is the size of the budget one of them? JEMAINE CLEMENT (WRITER/ EXEC PRODUCER):

Yeah, Wellington Paranormal probably costs about a fifth of the per-episode budget of What We Do In The Shadows TV show. But people think their way around it. And what I like that comes out of that is the degree of collaborat­ion between different department­s. We’ll sometimes get the VFX people into the writers’ room, which we wouldn’t have in an American show. The department­s talk to each other more, which I think is quite good. I enjoy it.

The pilot compares the characters to Mulder and Scully… are you paying homage to them? MIKE MINOGUE (OFFICER KYLE MINOGUE):

The X-Files’

I think that’s just a general vibe that we give out free, to be honest with you. I’ve certainly got the looks of

David Duchovny. It’s why I get a lot of leading-man roles and Karen gets a lot of Gillian Anderson’s stuff. [laughs]

A lot of the show’s charm comes from the cops’ laid-back response to the supernatur­al… is that the Kiwi way? KAREN O’LEARY (OFFICER O’LEARY):

Yeah, the Kiwis have an understate­d ‘Let’s get this thing done’ approach to life, and maybe that comes through in our humour a little bit as well. We never go too big, because it might be embarrassi­ng, and that would be terrible.

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