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Directing Amber Heard in his last film to date, The Ward (above). don’t like getting up in the morning. I’d rather sleep in.”), and wouldn’t direct a feature film again until 2010’s The Ward. What was it that tempted him back? “The pressure. Just pressure,” he admits. “And I got to work with some really talented young ladies.”

Things changed drasticall­y for Carpenter in 2015, after he survived a “pretty serious illness”. In the years since he’s focused on the things that make him happy: namely videogames and music. Earlier this year, he put out his fourth studio album, Lost Themes III, and in addition to his work on the new Halloween trilogy, Carpenter says he’s agreed to score another movie later this year. Could he be tempted back behind a camera? “Yes, I’m working on it. I’m always thinking about it. I’m always looking out for a project that would be great. I would do it, sure, but the conditions have to be right. There has to be enough money, and there has to be enough time.” He even has an idea, and he’s only halfjoking: “Kurt’s Santa Claus now – I want to try to get him to play an evil Santa Claus! I think he’d be great.”

As for Halloween, with the final film in David Gordon Green’s trilogy due out in 2022, is Carpenter ready to leave Haddonfiel­d behind for good? “I’d like to caution you that if Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends make money,

I don’t know that you really have seen the end [laughs]. Maybe of my involvemen­t! Maybe they will say, ‘We want a fresh approach. Let’s get this bum out of here!’ Whatever… See, I’ve changed my whole feel later in life. I embrace everything. Everything is wonderful.”


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